Back to Chip Ahoy in Padstow

Chip Ahoy in Padstow is my most favourite of all the chippies in town. It helps that it is less than 50 yards from where we usually stay and also that it is right next to one of our favoured drinking holes the Padstow Tasting Room.

I have written about this place before on the blog and much of what I said then is just as true today (read more here)

It is always busy and the locals and the tourists seem to gravitate towards this place. Rick Stein has the ‘famous’ chippy but having had both on this trip I can categorically say that I prefer the offerings from Chip Ahoy

We got in early not long after they opened as we had just arrived in town and were really hungry. We had been talking about getting our Chippy Tea from Chip Ahoy all the way here so we were hyped up to enjoy it.

Cod or Haddock? It was an easy choice today as there was a sign saying ‘Just in Fresh Haddock’ so I forgoes my more usual Battered Cod in favour of the Haddock. I can’t resist a chalkboard!

The Battered Haddock was looking good in the box, good coverage of crispy batter and not too much grease and no burnt bits.

I could already see plenty of well cooked chips lurking underneath it, so it was just a case of tipping it out onto a plate and adding some mushy peas. Plate? Yes we were being posh today, eating at the kitchen counter in the AirBNB and not off the nearby park benches with the swooping seagulls.

Ah pure joy and bliss!

A lovely large piece of battered haddock, nice crispy coating, as always fresh and juicy flakes of fish inside.

Plenty of golden well cooked chips, fluffy potato and proper well fried outer skin.

Lots of mushy peas, we could have easily shared a pot today! we didn’t but we could have. The peas were good, nice and creamy with a thick sauce. Perhaps they could have been a bit greener but I am being picky

I can never complain about the portion sizes or the quality of the product at Chip Ahoy. A slightly different angle on the plate show just how big that piece of fish was.

I couldn’t get all the chip and all the peas on the plate either and it was a normal sized plate as well!

We were very happy with our lot and happy that the Chippy was as good as always

Chip Ahoy is located at 8 Broad Street in Padstow. It is next door to the excellent Padstow Tasting Room (Formerly the Pint of Padstow) where you can buy and sample the beers from Padstow Brewery.

We recommend that you do and you can probably get a cheeky quick pint in while they cook your Chippy Tea!


Later in the week we were slightly dismayed to find a sign in the local estate agent window saying that Chip Ahoy was up for sale. We hope that whoever takes it on can continue to run it and be just as good. Damn expensive too, you need to sell a lot of chip suppers if you can afford to buy it

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