Breakfast at Kawa House in York

Kawa House in York is located outside of the City Walls on the corner of Clarence Street and Townend Street, basically on the B1363 as you head out of town towards Haxby Road.

It is ideally located between the York St John University campus and the York Hospital so should have plenty of passing custom. We came here on recommendation from our AirBNB host for a breakfast situation.

First impressions were that it looked a bit fancier and cleaner than the Greasy Spoons that I usually favour but I was willing to give it a go

The Breakfast Menu board was simple enough offering breakfast ‘butties‘ filled with combinations of sausage, bacon, and egg all with the usual additional extras. I suspect that they would let you build your own if you asked nicely.

They also were serving a Full English, which I was going to order, and a Veg Full English which somewhat randomly included avocado. The Full English for £8.50 was listed as comprising ‘Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Beans, Mushroom & Toast’

If you were so inclined you could get a a Breakfast Burger, now I do like a burger but I couldn’t work out of this was a burger topped with Bacon, Avocado, Egg, Cheese & Rocket or a burger bun filled with those items. I was having a fry-up so I glossed past and pondered no more


When my Full English arrived at the table I was pleased to be presented with a very large plate of breakfast fodder.

It was all piled on in a slightly haphazard fashion, one egg sunny side up, the other flipped over. The beans spooned in the middle smothering various items like the egg and sausage in a fashion likely to give some breakfast lovers the cold shivers

For some reason the sausages had been sliced in half, and presented cut side up which was not that appealing. I guess that they had been sliced to aid grilling on the hot plate and I suspect that they had been reheated as I saw a tray of cooked sausages in the background

In addition to the expected items I seemed to have recieved some bonus grilled tomatoes as well. That wasn’t totally unexpected as I had seen the lady in the kitchen chopping some up and as we were the only people there I figured one of us was getting them 🤣

Having said all that I had very little to complain about. Both eggs were very well cooked with a lovely golden yolk and soft silken whites. The bacon was crisp where needed, fat rendered and tasted slightly salty just as I like.

The sausages once flipped showed some inconsistent coloring to the skin suggesting uneven cookery but despite appearances they were both fine, nice and meaty and most importantly they tasted nice.

The mushrooms were plentiful and juicy, the beans thick and lustrous cooked down so that there was not too much liquid so that was a bonus.

I really enjoyed my unexpected grilled tomatoes, they were fresh and flavorful and were an excellent addition.

Together with the two slices of toast that accompanied my Full English I had been served up a right royal feast and I confess that I struggled to eat it all. I admit that my eyes had been bigger than my belly on this occasion and I really didn’t need to eat that much for the rest of the day.


We also had a Sausage Buttie, or bap, or cob etc taking advantage of the optional extra add ons for 50p each including and egg and some mushrooms for a total cost of £4.75

It was a pretty decent sandwich, really nice fresh bread and plenty of filling. Two sliced sausages, decent portion of fried sliced mushrooms and a good fried egg with a runny yolk that oozed out as you bit into it. Lovely stuff!

As well as breakfast Kawa House also had a Wraps, Panini, Sandwiches and Burgers on the menu boards. We briefly toyed with the thought of getting the Breakfast Toasted Wrap filled with Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Cheese and Mushroom instead of the Butty but couldn’t really work out what a toasted wrap was going to be, and also it was £7.50

If it has been lunch I would most certainly have had a Burger as they seemed very reasonably priced. A Cheeseburger for £6 or one with bacon, egg and cheese for £7.50 sounded like a bargain! No chips but you can’t win everytime I guess plus that might leave room for cake 😉😎

Kawa House was a nice clean and bright space to hang out in for a while as we ate our breakfasts. It was really a lot less Greasy Spoon than I would have liked but sometimes you have to try and up the level a notch and be a bit fancier (well maybe)

Located at 74 Clarence Street in York not far from the city walls, university and hospital it was a good option for Breakfast and I suspect Brunch

You can check them out on their website and also on their Instagram Profile

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