Rook and Gaskill in York: Castle Rock Beer and Taco’s

The Rook and Gaskill Pub in York is one of around 25 Castle Rock Pubs in the Country. Most of them are in Nottinghamshire but there are a few like this one located further afield.

I am a big fan of the beers from Castle Rock Brewery and if you check out one of my other sites The Nottingham Food Blog you can read about many of the other great pubs hosting their beers in Nottingham.

Today though we are in York and I had a mission to find this pub, sup some beer and hopefully grab a little bite of food to eat as well.

First part of the mission was accomplished grabbing a pint of Castle Rock ale from the bar in a proper Castle Rock Brewery glass.

Sadly it was not my favorite Harvest Pale which is the flagship ale from the brewery and even more sadly the lady behind the bar didn’t even know what Harvest Pale was or if they would have it on tap at any point.

More happily though was that the beer they did have was really tasty, well kept, and most importantly good enough to have a couple more during the evening


The food menus at the Rook and Gaskill were predominately Burgers and Pizzas which is fair enough pub grub wise.

You could have had a combination of both getting a ‘Pizza Burger‘ which was a beef patty topped with ‘Monterey Jack, Jalapeno, Pepperoni, and house pizza sauce‘ wrapped in their freshly made dough which sounded interesting but I would have to see one first before diving in to try one.

I could have been tempted by a burger but the menu said it was served in a rustic ciabatta roll which in my opinion is no home for a beef burger and I didn’t fancy a pizza today.


Happily it turned out that tonight was Taco Tuesday so I guess we were going to be eating tacos 😎 I think we probably just lucked out! 🤣

For £8.99 you got four tacos and you could choose from the following options; Drunken Beans, Mexican Style Beef, Fried Fish, and Succulent Pork Pibil.

I could have swayed either way but I was sharing so it was between beef or pork and the pig won


We picked the Succulent Pork Pibil which was a soft taco filled with Yucatan style achiote roast shredded pork marinated in a mix of spices in lime and orange juices” served with ‘crispy lettuce, pickled red cabbage, coriander, spring onion, house made Paco de gallo and spicy Mayo sauce

It was pretty good with just the right level of spice, the pork was juicy and I liked the sharpness of the lime and orange in the sauce. The lettuce, cabbage, and spring onion added coolness and much needed crunch to counter the softnes of the taco shell and the tender meat.

Even though the sauce dripped everywhere, all over my hands and wrists, plate and table I still managed to maintain a modicum of decorum whilst eating.

Basically the take home message here is that they were very messy but most enjoyable to eat 🤣🤣🥳

I liked the Rook & Gaskill and it turned out to be the cheapest and most reasonable pub in town. Pint and a half £5.10. The other day we paid almost £9 for a pint n a half and it wasn’t a pub called Dick Turpin either 

The Taco’s hit the spot and the Beer was great, the pub people were warm and welcoming just like all the Castle Rock Pubs. If I was back living in York this could easily become my local

The Rook & Gaskill is located just outside the city walls near Walmgate on the corner of Lawrence Street. It was listed as being one of the Castle Rock Brewery pubs as I said up top but they didn’t have many beers from that brewery when we visited with just one real ale on tap.

The name seemed a bit random until we learnt from a sign on the wall inside that it was called that after two of the last men to be hanged in York nearby Peter Rook and Leonard Gaskill guilty of sheep rustling . Reading that made the menu make more sense as there was a Hangman’s Burger on the menu, I think they missed a trick by not offering it as a Lamb burger though 🤣

Officially located at 12 Lawrence St, York, YO10 3WP you can check them out on their Instagram Profile, Twitter Feed and Facebook Page.

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