My Basic Bolognese

It’s easy to say that Spaghetti Bolognese is my all time go to comfort food, when push comes to shove I just want to slum it at the kitchen counter with an easy meal and I find myself cooking a big pan of sauce to mix into a bowl of pasta.

I try hard to be fancy and more diverse with my meal choices but I realized recently that despite the multitude of cookbooks on the shelves of my apartment featuring wonderful dishes from all over the world it is this dish that I come back to time after time

There are so many different opinions on what should go into the recipe, some seem quite fancy and complicated, some very basic indeed. I feel the need to investigate and it could be a bit of an ongoing thread over the year, but before I get too far down that road of exploration lets take it back to the start with my very (and I mean very) basic recipe

Essentially take a pack of beef mince, tip into a hot pan, as you fry mix in the herbs, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.

Once its starts to get brown add in a handful of chopped mushrooms and continue to cook until they soften, then add in a tin of tomatoes, stir together before turning the heat down to let the mixture bubble away gently with the lid on.

As the liquid in the sauce cooks out and starts to thicken I add half a can of warm water from the tomato tin washing out any remnants of juice into the pot.

That’s basically it. I just then cook until either its reduced down to a nice thick meaty sauce or until I am too hungry to wait any longer when it might be a bit more runny

How it tastes often depends on where I shop, how basic I get ingredient wise, and how much effort I spend cooking it.


500 g Beef Mince (Butchers, 5%, 12%, 20%

200g Mushrooms (White,Button, Chestnut)

1 tin Tomatoes (supermarket, sometimes with herbs already in)

3 cloves Garlic chopped

Shake of Dried Herbs (Oregano or Italian Mixed)

Salt n Pepper to taste



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