Pimping the Basic Bolognese

Ok so the tagline says pimping but I am not sure that really is the truth. In this case I am just adding even more joy to my classic comfort meal in the form of crispy smoked bacon bits and a whole lot of grated Parmesan cheese.

I suppose it is pimped in a way as it was the leftover basic recipe I wrote about earlier (read more here) and I have used a better style of pasta incorporating tagliatelle into the mix (more to come on pasta choices in another post)

The correct amount should probably just be a sprinkle of crunchy cubed bacon joy but today for some reason I went the ‘whole hog’ adding pretty much the entire packet on top of my Bolognese mound.

Do I have any qualms or sense of shame? Hell no, this salty beast and a few glasses of red wine was all I needed to ease my way through the early evening before I hit up the googlebox in front of the fire

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