Pâté Moi – Mushroom Pate at the Borough market

Pate Moi

It is not often that I get that excited about things that do not focus on Meat or bacon related products, but on occasion I take an exeption and one of those is the Pâté Moi, a Mushroom Pate that I found in London’s Borough Market. It is described as being  “hand made with organic mushrooms from Suffolk and plenty of love.”.

The Borough Market website describes it thus “Flip Dunning’s hand-made organic mushroom pâté, made to a secret family recipe from just-picked field, button, chestnut and in-season wild mushrooms. This vegetarian treat works perfectly on toast, but also makes a wonderful stuffing for chicken breasts, a spread for a bacon sandwich, or a flavoursome addition to rice, pasta or potatoes.”

Pate Moi samples

On the stall at the market there were plenty of samples to be had, and it was one of those moments when you really wanted to scoff the entire table. I was wondering how many minutes in between each circuit I had to leave before I could return for another bite. I think I managed about three visits before I broke cover and was on the verge of being noted as a market grazer.

Pate Moi

It was quite irresitable stuff and I bought a pot, which didn’t last that long to be honest. It does goes pretty well on a simple piece of toast, and while I am sure that you could use it to liven up a whole load of recipes as suggested by those Borough Market guys, It is possibly best just eaten on it’s own as a not so guilty and pleasurable snack.

Pate Moi at Borough Market

You can find Pâté Moi at the Market on the Friday, and Saturday. Apparently you can also get the Pâté at St. Pancreas station in the ‘Sourced Market’. I am down in the smoke next weekend so I am going to have to check that out on my way through the station.

You can check them out on Twitter and on Facebook as well

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