Kappacasein – A Total Grilled Cheese Fest


kappacaseinToasted Sandwich Sign

This weekend I headed over to Borough Market to hunt down some essential and perhaps not so essential tasty morsels. Even before I left I knew exactly which stall I was going to be starting off at for that pre-shopping snack! That Stall of choice, was the Kappacasein stall, which as always was located right on the very end of the line of food vendors pumping out all of those must have and must taste bites of food.

kappacasin cheese

I had spotted this stand before and so I was fully aware of the presence of grilled cheese in the vicinity and I had deliberately forgone any attempt at a breakfast situation solely so that I could partake of one of their sandwiches. You could also have a plate of their Kappacasein Swiss raclette – which is melted Ogleshield on a pile of new potatoes, baby gherkins and pickled onions, they scrape the cheese off those big blocks of cheese and drip onto crushed crisped up potato. It did look nice.

Grilled Cheese

Instead I was having what they call Toasted Cheese, but I call it Grilled Cheese as it is done on the hot plate in a kind of iron clad Panini style press.

I want one of these iron forged devices and lots of bread and cheese so that I can copy them and play along.

Sandwiches at Kappacasein

After you order you stand in line, waiting for the chosen sandwich to grill, peering through the glass at the sandwiches piled in the window waiting for their chance to shine. You can see all that cheese scattered across the bread and just know that you are in for a treat in just a few minutes. It is hard to wait for the sandwich to be ready, but wait you must.

The Cheese at Kappacasein

While you are waiting in anticipation, if you just step to one side and peer into the stall from the back, you can see the quarry from where the filling for all of those sandwiches is mined, Now that is one serious cheese pit! I reckon that took quite a bit of effort to fill. But what is in that quarry? Well if you must know, it is filled with a whole lot of serious cheese goodness.

What is in the pit? Well there is a mix of Montgomery Cheddar, some Comte, and some Ogleshield all of which I believe can be sourced in the Market or the nearby Neals Yard Dairy Cheese shop.

Grilled Cheese

I know that I often eulogize over sandwiches but seriously this is one awesome Grilled Cheese. It is not just the combination of cheese which is melty, tangy, salty, and a little bit crumbly, no it is also the excellent crunch from the grilled buttery Polane sourdough bread. It is grilled just enough on the flattop irons so that it has a crisp bite, not chewy, yet just solid enough to hold each bite. The filling is not just cheese you get sweet and crunchy onion and leek that really adds to the whole sandwich experience. It is truly a great sandwich and I don’t need to be the one to tell you that, head to the market and look for a really long line of people. At the end of that line you will find the KappaCasein grilled cheese!

This is a stall worth seeking, Kappacasein can be found at The Borough Market in the Green Market area on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Grilled Cheese sandwich has it’s own Facebook page and you can follow Kappacasein Dairy on Twitter as well.

Borough Market is at 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL. It is easy to find if you take the tube to the London Bridge Station which is serviced by the Jubilee and Northern Lines.



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