Pandit Gajak Street Snacks in Jaipur



Pandit Stall

You can have all the fancy meals that you like but sometimes the simple pleasures of finding a little unexpected sweet treat on the street will be better than almost all of them. That was what happened as we meandered our way along the streets of Jaipur, fending off the advances of the shopkeepers who all wanted us to go inside for a bargain.



We found ourselves curiously looking at a big stall filled with some sort of peanut brittle type of snack. I am still not sure whether ‘Pandit Gajak’ is the name of the shop or the name of the brand? But what I have learnt is that this is Peanut Brittle or Peanut chikki as it is called in India


Peanut Brittle

It was a delicious snack, admittedly a bit too chewy, and the kind of snack that I feared would challenge my teeth. However it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed and would grab again next time I saw a similar stall on another market street. It is the kind of thing that I would buy any time and any place.

Pandit Gajak Sign


I did a bit of googling to find out what was in it, and apparently apart from the peanuts and sugar (which were pretty obvious) it also contains ghee and ginger juice, plus some salt which keeps it not too sweet. It is a pretty decent street snack, pick one up, it is way better than going into another one of those goddam clothes shops 🙂

Shopping in Jaipur


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