The Royal Treat in Jaipur – a rather nice spot of lunch


The Royal Treat in Jaipur

Another day another lunch time finds us in Jaipur looking for a snack. Today’s stop was to be The Royal Treat on Amer Road, Another multicuisine restaurant, this one describes it’s own menu as “Fairly Priced, Decently Sized and Extremely Delicious”.

That was quite an interesting if a somewhat bold statement and they went on further to say that ‘Incorporating the herbs and spices of India – the dishes offered at The Royal Treat evoke sentiments of a culture through an exotic blend of taste and aroma’

So what did we order for lunch apart from a cold beer to wash away the dust?

Would we be given a Royal Treat?

Jeera Aloo

Aloo Dish at The Royal Treat

The Royal Treat might have just provided one of the tastiest Aloo Dishes we have had so far. We ordered the Jeera Aaloo described as ‘Dry potatoes with cumin and Indian Spices’ for 190R. We have been caught out on this trip by ordering a potato dish that turned out to be in some sort of runny gravy sauce. Today though the word ‘Dry’ was to be our guide when we chose.

So flavour wise the clue is in the name with the main notes being the cumin seeds, but there is also a little lemon and here there was some chopped up red chilli in there as well. That was an added bonus in the pot, we really liked this potato dish, it was what we had been looking for since that meal we had on the roadside on the way from Agra to Ranthambore at the Mangalm Family Restuarant

Channa Masala

Chickpea Curry at The Royal Treat in Jaipur

We then chose the Channa Masala, a dish that we really should have picked the other day when we were at the Lakeview Restaurant, we have debated getting a Chickpea curry but for some reason we ordered all wrong.

Here at The Royal Treat they describe this somewhat simply as ‘Chick peas cooked with special spices combination’. That didn’t help us much, but we had seen bowlfuls elsewhere on the table with our fellow travelers so we were ordering it anyway.

It was nice enough dry, spicy and a bit sour, we could have done with something a bit runnier, we could have done with a third dish. The flavours we were getting was mostly onion, garlic, ginger and tomato.

Some Indian Breads

Missi Roti and Garlic Butter Naan at The Royal Treat in Jaipur

When it came to the choice of some breads to mop up our curry we were torn between the latest find the Missi Roti and the old favourite the Garlic Butter Naan.

We went all out and ordered both. An excellent solution, even if it ended up meaning that we had too much bread to eat. Oh dear times are tough!

My Lunch (#delicious)


Lunch Plate at the Royal Treat in Jaipur

This was a really simple yet really excellent plate of food for lunch. We might have just about got the hang of ordering now, although perhaps we could have just added a runnier curry dish to go with this, perhaps one of those green spinach dishes we have had before (typical! we might learn soon).

Having said that, after a while your appetite seems to reduce to match the amounts of food available, a couple of small veg dishes and a bit of Indian bread and honestly I am getting pretty stuffed!


We really enjoyed the lunch here at  The Royal Treat, as with most of the places we have visited the website makes it seem fancier. It did serve nice food though and with a beer each I would say that we paid less than £5 each for a couple of mains and some breads. We were pretty full as well!
The Royal Treat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Just had to comment on Some Random Multi cuisine options

Multicuisine Menu at The Royal Treat in Jaipur

Multi cuisine is this somewhat random term that can mean anything goes. It usually ends up being a menu filled with a lot of standard and tasty sounding Indian dishes and then some sections filled with Chinese and some stranger variations of Western dishes. This one was no exception, and even though we were going nowhere near those ‘western influenced’ offerings I had to take a picture.

Having sampled at other places their description of ‘Spaghetti – Bolognaise’ is I suspect pretty spot on. “Butter cooked spaghetti with meat sauce”. It will be some sort of sauce with meat in and some spaghetti.



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