Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar – Big Comforting Burgers to fill you up

Bad Daddies Burgers

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Morrisville is located over at Park West Village right next to the entrance to the movie theatre. I popped over on Sunday as I was feeling pretty hungry and was in the mood for a big plate of something filling and comforting. I figured that a big bad juicy burger was going to be the solution.

They are very bold with their statements saying that “Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is one bite away from becoming your favorite neighborhood spot. We are a chef-driven burger joint that uses a mix of local and artisanal ingredients to make the most amazing burger you’ve ever had. We work hard to make sure anything we serve is the best possible product and make everything in our scratch kitchen”

When I read stuff like that I end up expecting a lot and was expecting the place to really bring it.  When you walk in it looks more like a Sports Bar chain than a serious burger joint, but despite that I was hopeful or was it hungry? Either way I was looking forwards to trying one of their burgers.

I had my choice of seats so I picked one near the window so that I could see what I was eating and also one in sight of a big screen so that I could watch some Sunday Football as I ate.

Sam I Am Burger

Sam I Am Burger at Bad Daddys Burger Bar

I decided to try something a little different by ordering the “Sam I Am Burger”. This is a burger patty topped with American Cheese, an Over easy fried egg, rosemary ham, lettuce tomato and red onion. The sandwich also features fresh made pesto which is smeared on the top layer bun. This burger has a lot going for it, highlights for me was the fresh garlicky pesto, the soft runny yolk that oozes over the burger when you cut into, it and the rosemary bacon. The burger patty itself was soft and juicy and was cooked as I asked medium, it ate very well with all the other components helping it out.

The Sam I Am Burger

Bad Daddys Burger

The burger arrives at your plate as a kind of open faced sandwich so that you can get a good look at what you are really getting. I kind of liked this as I was able to fish out that pickle and toss to one side without disturbing things too much. There was a great big basket of well cooked fries that I enjoyed eating and dipping into the spicy sauce that came on the side. They were also good for mopping up some of that runny egg yolk that had escaped my burger.

This was another meal that I had eaten over here that was way too big to be good for me. It was so much food that I actually didn’t need to eat another meal for the rest of the day.

All in all I did enjoy my burger at Bad Daddy’s and would probably come back to try another one from their menu, the likely candidate being their Bad Ass Burger which they describe as “A massive 10 oz. beef patty with Housemade American cheese, buttermilk-fried bacon, horseradish mayo, with lettuce, tomato and pickles.


Bad Daddy’s Burgers is located at

Park West Village, 3300 Village Market Pl, Morrisville, NC 27560

You can check them out on Facebook and on Twitter


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