Georgina’s Pizzeria – Andouille Sausage Pizza Pie for Lunch

Georginas Pizza

Georgina’s Pizzeria is located at Morrisville Market near to the neighbourhood Walmart. Outside it looks just like all the other open mall restaurants but inside it is a totally different story. It has that authentic New York Italian feel about it, you can smell the pizza cooking and the pasta sauces steaming away on the stove. I kind of like it inside.

I came over at lunchtime and really wanted to try one of their Gourmet Neapolitan Pies. I know it is way too much food but I had a hankering for a ‘slice or two’ of some old style New York Italian style pizza.

I usually like a good bit of meat on my pizza and if I had played this true to form I would have ordered the “Meat Lovers” pizza topped with ‘pepperoni, Italian sausage, diced ham, crumbled bacon, mozzerealla, and red sauce’.

I nearly ordered the Italian Meat Lovers just because I was in an Italian joint, that would have been a pie topped with ‘Prosciutto, hot cappocola, salami, provolone, and red sauce’

But I was thinking that since I was in the south I should make an effort to get with the program so I picked the one with Andouille Sausage.

Andouille Sausage Pie

Andouille Pizza Pie at Georginas Pizzeria


I went for the Andouille sausage, green peppers, sautéed onions, mozzarella, red sauce pizza personal size for $8.95. I was thinking that ‘personal size’ was going to be a reasonably small pizza perhaps just a few slices, but oh no I should have remembered which country I was eating this in. It was massive and way too much food for a lunchtime.
I liked the crust, it was thick but still crunchy, more than lightly charred it had some really good burnt blackened bits. It was piled with bubbling molten cheese in the middle and plenty of thick slices of sausage. Underneath the layer of cheese was a whole lot of soft tender and very juicy onion and green pepper.
It is the sort of pizza that needs a knife and fork, the juicy onions and peppers make the centre a bit wet, so even though the crust was solid, the pie isn’t one that you can pick up easily with your hands. I liked the pizza but flavour wise it was a bit tame and safe for me, I was really expecting a bit more spice and heat from the sausage and a bit more of a salty tang from the cheese.
All in all it was as I predicted way too much food and I certainly did get my moneys worth as I did not need to eat for the rest of the day!
Georgina’s Pizzeria is located at
3536 Davis Drive
Morrisville Market
     NC 27560-8819
Phone: (919) 388-3820

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