Chirba Chirba Dumpling Food Truck – Bayside Chive for me please!

Chirpa Chirpa Dumpling Truck

Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck was one of the many Food Trucks at the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival. I had read about these guys when I was planning my trip to North Carolina and had been hoping to bump into them at some point

I had walked all the way down Fayettville Street looking at every food vendor and every food truck myfoodhunting for some thing that I really wanted to eat. Almost at the end of myfoodhunt I found Chirba Chirba, all yellow like a bright food truck beacon, someplace that I really had to eat at!

I love dumplings and I love Food Trucks, the boy did good this time on the hunt

Chirba Chirba Menu Board

Chirpa Chirpa Menu

I have to say that I loved the look of every single item on the Chirba Chirba chalkboard Menu! The Juicy Buns sounded delicious, mini soup buns? Yum, these sound like the sort of thing that Bourdain would be all over (well I imagine so anyway).

I might have been tempted to have the Poultrygeist but I feared that they might be too spicy for my first meal of the day. Chicken sounded good, but ghost peppers and habanero sauce gave the game away.

‘Bayside Chive’ dumplings

Chirpa Chirpa Dumplings

I ordered the ‘Bayside Chive’ dumplings, these were described as being filled with pork, cabbage, chives and green onions. In one sense I was playing it safe by picking something familiar, but on the other end of the MyFoodHunt spectrum I picked these to compare with all the other dumplings in this genre that I have tried.

They were really good and I was happy that my chopstick skills were intact and I was able to feed myself at a speed that matched my greediness

Chirba Chirba details

If you want to find the truck check them out on Twitter and on Facebook to see where they are heading

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