Ted’s Montana Grill – Bison Burgers and Gumbo

Mike and Cindy at Ted Montanas

Cindy and Mike (@runnersthoughts) took me on my first trip to the edge of Durham to visit Ted’s Montana Grill one of their favourite local spots. They come here a lot midweek, it was like being greeted by family as we walked in, and the lovely Carmen, who knew them by name, guided us towards the bar and the food.

This was a bit of a treat for me as we sat up on the counter looking into the kitchen. I was almost too busy watching the guys on the grill and at the pass, to remember to look at the menu and think about getting a beer until Carmen snapped me out of my trance and I joined Mike in getting a Bavarian Amber beer from Red Oak Brewery

Beer and Gumbo

Gumbo and Beer at Ted Montanas

We started with a Beer and a Bowl of Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, the Gumbo was the regular ‘Wednesday‘ soup of the day, one of the reasons that Mike and Cindy come in on a Wednesday. With dedication and planning like that, well I just had to join in as well.

The Gumbo was really good, a bit different from gumbo I had before down in New Orleans, but different in a good way. I really enjoyed it, there was plenty of chunky sausage and bits of shredded chicken in there, a nice thick meaty sauce and a nice bit of white rice dropped in the middle to mix up into the sauce.

It wasn’t as spicy as I have had in the past, but in many ways that was good as I could taste the deep soulful flavour a lot better. I would not mind getting my hands on the recipe.

The Montana Breakfast Burger

Montana Breakfast Burger at Ted Montanas

I checked out Ted’s Montana menu and ordered the namesake ‘Montana Breakfast Bison Burger’ described as being topped with “American, grilled ham, spicy tomato jam, fried egg”

I admit it, “yes, I did choose the one with the Fried Egg on top again” but I just cannot resist the way that the egg yolk adds that super decadent creamy sauce to the sandwich. I know that I say that everytime, but only because it is ‘Oh So True!’

This was a terrific burger, the bison adds a very different texture and flavour to the burger experience. I like that the meat is a bit crumblier and a bit richer, I like that it feels like I am on the range and that I am somehow eating something more honest and down to earth.

I liked the gently spicy tomato, and I enjoyed the simple cheese and ham that together with the egg made me enjoy breakfast at dinner time. They were all good but managed somehow to be restrained enough to allow that Bison Burger patty to be the star of the whole burger sandwich.

I had requested mine to be cooked Medium rare so I could get a nice juicy burger in my bun and that was what I got, excellent!

Menu at Ted's Montana


This was a great meal with excellent company and I really enjoyed the experience of the meal. Ted’s Montana is one of the fancier places I have been to on my trip so far, but I think I managed to get away with it by ordering a burger and not using any cutlery. It was a really great evening with Mike and Cindy (and Carmen) and I really enjoyed trying a more upscale burger.

On Ted’s Montana website they say that;

“Like bison at home on the range, our guests know they will always feel welcome at Ted’s Montana Grill. Our commitment to showing guests the genuine hospitality that keeps them coming back is what we call, “Big Sky Spirit.” This is a place where they know they’ll always find a greeting and a meal that makes them glad they visited.”


Lets Look at the Gumbo again, just because I have another photo I want to share

Gumbo at Ted's Montana

This Particular Ted’s Montana was Located at Renaissance Center in Durham and is the only one in North Carolina

Go check them out

6911 Fayetteville Rd., Suite 102
Durham, NC  27713

Check them out on Facebook and on Twitter



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