The Brunch Box ‘Offering tasty deli-style breakfast and lunches.’ sounds good? It does eh? so you better check that out!

The Brunch Box

The Brunch Box over on Chapel Hill Road in Morrisville is a great family run deli that I have chanced upon during myfoodhunt lunchtime travels in the Triangle. I think this one of the best places I have found to get a real deli style sandwich!

On each visit there has been a line all the way out to the door, so I think that they are most certainly doing something right!

They have a great menu and it would take a lot of visits to work my way through everything that I want to eat. I feel sad that I have this mission to eat at as many places as I can while I am here in North Carolina. If I had to pick somewhere to have lunch every day? well this place could probably fulfil all my needs.

So far I have managed two trips and this is what I have munched on to date.

Steve’s Reuben

Steves Reuben at The Brunch Box

“Steve’s Reuben” is one seriously excellent sandwich! Officially described as “Grilled pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on rye” for just over $7.

The rye bread is actually worthy of the word ‘awesome’ from a Brit, I love it, perfectly toasted, crisp on the outside, crunchy to the bite, lots of lovely aniseed caraway flavor yet still soft inside where it meets with the molten fillings.

Until I started eating this baby I had forgotten how much I loved this sandwich style, the pastrami, slightly salty melts in your mouth and is amazing. This combined with the Swiss cheese, which makes the effort to melt inside the crust (just as I like), results in a marriage made in heaven.

I really like the Russian dressing that is spread liberally on the top layer of meat just below the top slice of toast and I even like the sauerkraut that is added into this sandwich with excellent restraint.

The sandwich comes with a choice of one side and I admit that I played it steady by getting the fries. You really do not need a side though as this is a great sandwich that can stand up for itself proudly on the plate.  I think that this is one of the best diner style sandwiches that I have had since I hit the Triangle

Grown up Grilled Cheese

Grown up Grilled Cheese ath Brunch Box

Inside the Grown Up Grilled Cheese


On another visit I came in for a cheese toastie, or as they call it here on your side of the pond ‘Grilled Cheese’. On the menu this is described as a “Grown Up Grilled Cheese”‘Texas Toast sour dough bread with asiago, cheddar, provolone, and Swiss cheeses, grilled tomatoes and Bacon’.

On first inspection it might look very simple, but once you take a look inside you can see the true beauty. The Texas toast sour dough bread is a really nice tough. Sometimes sour dough can get a bit hard, but here they seem to have the balance just right as the bread is both buttery and crunchy.

I really liked the combinations of cheese, I love that when you take a bite you get that gooey cheese string effect as you pull away from the sandwich. The tomatoes add some nice balance as all that cheese was in danger of taking over the show a little.

The thin crispy bacon was also excellent, it was the perfect companion inside my ‘grown up grilled cheese’.

This was another great sandwich and also great value at just under $6.


On their website they say;

The Brunch Box prides itself on offering comfort foods with a twist.  Our daily breakfast and lunch menu offers a variety of deli sandwiches, wraps, salads, desserts, and more — plus specials featuring our own family recipes and suggestions from you, our customers!”

I really fancy coming over for breakfast and am pretty curious about the “Carolina Eye Opener” which is ‘Roast beef, egg, pepper jack cheese, sweet and spicy pepper relish, and chipotle ranch on flat bread’ which sounds like some sort of medieval hangover cure.

In reality I am more likely to be ordering the “Taylor Pork Roll Sandwich” which is ‘Grilled Taylor Pork Roll, fried egg, American cheese, salt, pepper and ketchup on a Kaiser roll’

Both are just under $5 so it a win-win whichever I order! 🙂



The Brunch Box

10970 Chapel Hill Rd #120, Morrisville, NC 27560

(919) 380-7276

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