Back to Danny’s Bar-B-Que with Friends – Great Food, Great company

Danny's BBQ

Danny’s Bar-B-Que in Morrisvillle was one of the first places that I visited on this MyFoodHunt Tour of North Carolina. On that first visit I had a simple BBQ pork sandwich with a side of Brunswick stew (read about that here). Today I was back in with my great friends Dan and Meredith who are about to move to NC all the way from Chicago, my adopted US home town.

I felt that it was my duty to introduce them to some of the local BBQ restaurants, and somewhat selfishly I brought them to Danny’s,  as I really needed an excuse to come back  here 🙂 I know they LOVE BBQ and so do I,  so who am I kidding? this was a no brainer!

Sliced Brisket Sandwich

BBQ brisket at Danny's BBQ in Morrisville

This time I ordered the sliced Brisket sandwich which came on Texas toast with a side. I opened up the sandwich so that we can all get a good look at the meat. You can see a lovely smoke ring just underneath a little bark.

I loved the brisket, It is moist, tender, and so tasty. You can really taste the smoke in the meat, to be ebullient,  it is all a little bit magical, you can taste the BBQ in the air as you walk into the place, and that continues all through your experience as you eat,  you can smell that smoke on your fingers as you lick the meaty juices that somehow end up on them as you eat 🙂

BBQ brisket sandwich with fries

The sandwich was filled generously which was a great and beautiful thing in my life right at that lunchtime moment. I really do like the Texas toast too as it makes a great sandwich, I think that they somehow make it even better here at Danny’s Bar-B-Que. They have lots of other BBQ platter options here, but the sandwiches are such excellent value it is hard to consider getting something else.

For my side I chose the fries which were decent enough, a bit salty, but I dipped them into the house BBQ sauce and they were transformed into something more enticing. I like them but secretly I wish they did Mac ‘n’ Cheese 🙂

Today’s Daily Special – BBQ Chicken

Daily Special BBQ Chicken at Dannys BBQ

The Daily Special was BBQ chicken with two sides, this looked pretty good as well and this was the choice of Dan and Meredith so that they could get a taste of the place. The Chicken was a mix of white and dark and came already coated or rather smothered in BBQ sauce.

For the sides they got the fries and also the BBQ beans which were some of the darkest beans I have seen so far. The plate also comes with a couple of slices of that awesome Texas Toast.

All in all this is a real bargain for just under $8! and delicious too 🙂

Danny's Bar-B-Que sign

Danny’s Bar-B-Que  in Morrisville

is located at

9561 Chapel Hill Rd
Morrisville, NC 27560


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