Hyman’s Seafood, a 5th Generation Family Joint in the Historic District, Nice Rock Shrimp


Hymans Seafood

Hyman’s Seafood on Meeting Place in the Historic District was on my target list of places to go when we were visiting Charleston. Forget the ‘District’  having been here for over 125 years, this place is Historic all by itself! The Hyman family have been trading out of this building since 1890, and I read that there is currently 5th generation family members working there, that is kind of awesome.

While we were visiting Charleston it had seemed a good plan to hunt somewhere out to sample some of the local seafood, especially as we were by the coast and in shrimping country. It was even more fortuitous for us as Hyman’s on the list of probable targets to assist with that plan was only a couple of 100 yards from our Hotel.

We walked down there about 7pm and it was already packed out and people were waiting outside for a table. The hostess said that there was a 20 minute wait, but then, as we wavered for a moment, she said we could dine at the bar and have the same full menu. Excellent stuff, I like the bar, and I was happy to slide onto a stool near to the beer.

Fish Menu Options

Daily Fresh Fish options at Hymans

True to form, and expectations,  they have a lot of fresh Fish Options up on the chalk board up above counter and you can get that prepared to your personal choice. There was a long list of options on the menu: ‘Fried, Broiled, Cajun, Light Cajun, Scampi, Sautéed, Caribbean Jerk, Steamed, Dry Broiled, Bourbon Glaze, or Orange Sesame Glaze’

None of them hit the spot that I was looking for, to be honest, some made me think ‘Only in America‘ I was hoping that they were going to gently persuade people not to make bad food life decisions

I kind of wanted some battered fish, or really I just wanted some ‘Fish and Chips’. I guess I was being English and Northern 🙂

I have to say though, that they really did provide some excellent fish choices, and as Shrimp also seems to be a big thing, here and in around, these here parts, I found myself being drawn to ordering a bowl of Rock Shrimp.

Rock Shrimp

Rock Shrimp at Hymans in Charleston

The Rock Shrimp which was ‘prepared in butter garlic and topped with parmesan cheese’. It was one of those dishes were you ended up with fingers covered in juice and sauce as you had to pull each one of those delicious little bites from out of their butterflied shrimp coats. I quite enjoyed this dish and even though it was served with a bit of garlic bread, that was needed to mop up the juices, it was quite a light dish.

I could have easily eaten twice as much, well when I say that, a  greedy MyFoodHunt could have done so, but the man sitting at the bar who had just driven down the coast and was a bit tired was happy to eat the normal sized meal that they gave him 🙂

Pork Chops

Pork Chop special at Hymans

The other dish we ordered was the Pork Chops from the ‘Farm Boys’ section of the menu. This also came with two sides and the chosen ones were the Steamed Broccoli and the Mac n Cheese. This is so America, if I was back in England I would have been hoping for a pot of gravy to pour over those chops, but here you are lucky to get a bit of butter.

I was assured that it was all pretty tasty and that the pork chops were really good, and at $12.95 it was one of the better value meals pricewise. If I am honest though,  this plate seems pretty disjointed to me and nothing seems to match.

I did really drool over those chops though, I had a taste and they were juicy and pretty excellent, however just for once I wasn’t jealous and was happy in my Rock Shrimp choice 🙂


Hymans Seafood in Charleston

Hyman’s Seafood and Aarons Deli sit side by side in the Historic District and are pretty popular places, as far as I can tell, for both locals and tourists, alike. I know if I was able to hang around Charleston for an extended period of time, that I would probably pop in here at least once every week or so,  just to get a hit of seafood, and to soak up a bit more food history.

I am sure that I will be back in Charleston at some point, and I hope that when I am, I can find some room in my stomach for some more Hyman’s Fare!

Hyman’s Seafood are located at

You can also check them out on Facebook and on Twitter


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