The Heart Attack Burger at Ruckus – A Snowpocalypse Special

Ruckus Snowpocalypse Menu

Last weekend was apparently a ‘Snowpacalypse’ in Morrisville and Cary, I am only making this leap of thought as Ruckus had a ‘snowpocalypse menu’ when we popped in for something to eat

It was a bit icy and not many people were driving around so I figure that it was good to have a small specials menu to help makes things easier for everyone.

It certainly made it easier for me, as I just looked at that and picked something out that I fancied. My thinking was if they have got themselves set up ready and raring to go for these dishes I might get my food quick and done well.

heart attack burger menu


I had come here uncertain as to what I really fancied to eat. In my mind I was on a crossroads, some sort of junction looking for breakfast and a burger all at the same time. It was also cold and I needed something to warm me up!

I was in luck as they seemed to have just what I needed on that specials menu with their offering of “The Heart Attack” for $9. This was billed as a ‘Ruckus Burger, Bologna, Hash Brown, Fried Egg, Bacon and Spicy Ketchup’.

I read the words ‘Hash Brown, Fried Egg, and Bacon’ and my food brain computed ‘Breakfast sandwich’. The picture on the specials menu even looked like a big flat breakfast sandwich

Then it arrived! and OMG!

The Heart Attack

heart attack burger at ruckus

The reality of this beast of a burger was something as tall as the pint glass that my diet soda had come in. It was somewhat overwhelming, but then again what did we really expect from something named “The Heart Attack!”?

I tried to pick it up and eat it, but my first bite had me chomping into a burger with my chin at one end and my nose buried into the other end, I was not even sure that I could see my dining companion over the top of it! I conceded hand held defeat and cut it in half. The bit I had already chomped I ate with a knife and fork. The other half was then more manageable and I could pick it up and eat the burger like a real grown up burger officianado 🙂

Despite my ‘fumbles’ this ate like a pretty damn good burger. It was very satisfying and hit the spot. Did it need all that stuff in it? Probably not. I really liked the bacon, egg, and the burger. I was not  that keen on the bologna or the hash brown combination, but without them it was just a ‘breakfast burger’ and not a ‘Heart Attack’, and to be honest ‘not a blogworthy story’ 🙂

It was so big that I was unable to eat my fries! That was kind of redundant really as I had ordered the pasta salad (that I really like here), but it was a testing time for all so I let that slide.

Ruckus Sign

I like Ruckus ‘Pizza, Pasta and Spirits’ and not just the alcoholic spirit, I think they have a good spirit as well just getting on with stuff.

Check out my other post when I came here in the Fall;

“I could make a ‘Ruckus’ over the Blackened Cajun Chicken Sandwich at Ruckus Pizza Pasta and Spirits”

Ruckus Pizza, Pasta and Spirits is has location Cary, Morrisville, Apex, and Raleigh.

This one is located in Morrisville Park West

Park West
1101 Market Center Drive
Morrisville, NC
Tel: 919.388.3500

Check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Twitter feed



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