Fish and Chips Friday at Full Moon Oyster Bar in Morrisville, North Carolina


I have dined out at the Full Moon Oyster Bar in Morrisville before, sampling their Oyster and Shrimp Po-Boy and their Mac n Cheese, and that was enough to get my juices flowing for a return trip!

If you missed that post then check that out here as it was pretty goddam good and as it set me right up for a return trip,

So last week when it was my Birthday, my great friend Mike from @runnersthoughts offered to take me out for lunch on the Friday I suggested that we came over to Full Moon

Fish and Chips Friday Menu

I really wanted to try the Friday special which was Fish and Chips, mainly because I like saying ‘Fish and Chips Friday’ and I am always hoping to find somewhere in the states that does it really well.

I also knew that Mike would be well up for the chance to indulge ourselves in a little bit of British chip shop nostalgia (we have a lot of previous in this matter)

It is always good eating out with, and MyFoodHunting with Mike, as we have both been able to take each other places we ‘kinda want to show off’ to each other both in the States and over the Pond in the UK.

I may have mentioned before that Mike does at least run a whole lot of marathons to burn it all off and he writes a fantastic story over at In The Moment Running. I kind of just sit typing stuff so I don’t really burn much of it off at all 🙂 just a whole load of Food Blogs in the MyFoodHunt family. Check Mikes posts out though they are really well written and inspiring, mine will just make you feel hungry 🙂

Hey now!  But What about this Food then? Lets hear about that! I imagine you shouting at me through your device of choice

Ok lets get to this Fish and Chips Friday outing! 

The “Traditional Fish and Chips”

Fish and Chips Friday at the Blue Oyster Bar


It was an interesting affair. I am not sure that it really is what I like to call Fish and Chips, but it was not a bad attempt at all. It was described as ‘featuring cod filet’s and beer battered French fries’ but I think that they might have meant that the fish was coated in beer batter?

The cod fillets were quite good, the fish itself was a little bit on the wet side, and if I am honest, even though it was not up my hoped for UK chip shop standard, it was a lot better than most efforts I have had in the USA!

The batter was crisp and crunchy which is a style I quite like if I am getting restaurant battered fish, it’s not really chip shop style though. Maybe it was a little over fried and maybe there was a bit of a strange taste from the fryer oil, that taste also was on the chips.

The chips were also a bit intriguing as they had a big groove along the length of them. I quite liked them at the start as they are proper potato filled chips (not crisps and not fries) and they were a little bit soggy which is a good thing for proper chip shop chips. They needed salt and vinegar though

You know what? It was good, a good effort, and if I had a side of mushy peas, some ‘real’ tartare, and perhaps had doused my chips with some ‘classic malt vinegar’ I would be all over the place.

It was a great catch up with Mike and that in itself always makes any meal good, I know he enjoyed the Fish and Chips and that makes me as happy as when I love a meal out. Especially as he has eaten plenty of Fish and Chips with me in the UK 🙂 Check one of those occasions out here 🙂



Full Moon Oyster Bar is located over near Park Place in Morrisville

more specifically

1600 Village Market Pl, Morrisville, NC 27560

Check them out on their Facebook Page


Full Moon Oyster Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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