Heavenly Buffalo Chicken wings at the Durham Bull Pen – Beer, Wings, and Sport? This is way cool!

Heavenly Buffalo Flyer


Heavenly Buffaloes are apparently the kings of wings in this area having been voted “Indy Week’s Best of Triangle award for Best Wings in Durham County in 2015 and 2016″.

Their original location, a brightly coloured orange shack over on W Markham Avenue in Durham is said to be unmissable both in appearance and for the wings that they sell

Heavanly Buffalo Wings at the BullPen flyer header

Now though for all of us that don’t want to stand in line with all those Duke students and hungry wing aficionado we have another location of Heavenly Buffaloes right here inside the Durham Bull Pen on the American Tobacco Campus

I was here in Durham with Mike from @runnersthoughts the writer of the awesome blog In The Moment Running and long time erstwhile companion and ‘brother in arms’ (MyFoodHunting wise). He had seen Heavenly Buffaloes and The Durham Bull Pen on WRAL and insisted that we took this place in on our MyFoodHunt tour of the city.

Well he might of actually said I saw this great place with Bull Durham Beer we should check out. The tour part is just in my mind.

We had come for beer but once we learned that they were so reknowned for wings it seemed rude not to order a couple of baskets to sample whilst we imbibed on some of the Bull Durham Beer! (More about the beer in a minute) 🙂

Heavanly Buffalo Wings at the BullPen

We ordered two baskets of wings, 7 of the wings with the Jerk seasoning, and 7 wings with Sweet Mesquite BBQ rub. I still cannot decide which ones I am most in love with, they were both ‘oh so good’ it would be unfair to choose a favourite.

The Jerk seasoning was right ‘on the mark’, there was just enough heat to remind you of the Jamaican but not to much to detract from the chicken. I am a big fan of Jerk Chicken and I can say that I was not disappointed in Heavenly Buffaloes version, they did it proud and it was pretty spot on.

The Sweet Mesquite BBQ rub was both sweet and spicy, I don’t know how they make their rub here, traditionally the main ingredients include brown sugar, cumin, and paprika. I was getting most of that from each bite they were sweet and hot.

The coating on the skin was one of my favourite chowing moments as I pulled the chicken and the crispy skin away from the bone with my teeth.

As good as the rubs were, the actual chicken was borderline incredible, the meat was plentiful and generous. It was juicy and tender, I learned that they soak their wings before deep frying in beef tallow which keeps them moist.

These people really know their wings and those people who said we had to eat these were all correct.

Check out Heavenly Buffaloes on Facebook and on Twitter


BullPen Chalkboard

Bullpen Chalkboard

So the Chalkboard out on the sidewalk promised us Beer, Basketball and Wings. We had our wings, the basketball was on the telly and we just needed the beer to complete the set. Luckily for us the Bullpen is the tap room for Bull Durham Beer Company

Kolsch Beer

Beer and Pumps

They have one of those new nifty beer pumps that fills the glass up from the bottom, yes you heard that right, from the bottom. Each glass has a small hole in the base and the pump fills up the beer through that before a magnetised disc drops down to seal the hole.

It is fascinating to watch as you get a perfect pour each time with no beer wasted. You also get to keep the magnet disc which has the logo of the Bull Pen or the Bull Durham beer company on them.

Beer List

Beer List

I had a couple of pints of the Lollygagger Kolsch which they describe as “A sparkling blonde ale with subdued maltiness and unobtrusive hoppiness”. I found it to be a pretty refreshing drink, not the same as the real Kolsch that you get in Koln, but a pretty good effort.

They say that ‘This German style pale ale is perfect for Lollygagging in the park for nine innings on a hot summer day”. I don’t know what that means 🙂

What I can tell you is that this beer is pretty decent, I have had it a few times at the local Food Truck Rodeos and enjoyed them everytime.

I would like to come back when there is a game on so that I can drink one in the ball park and maybe participate in some ‘Lollygagging’ 🙂

The Bull Pen in Durham

Bull Durham Beer Company is located at 409 Blackwell Street in Durham NC 27701 right inside the Ball Park

Check them out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter Feed

The BullPen is located at 135 Blackwell St, Durham, NC 27701

Check the BullPen out on their Facebook Page and Twitter Feed

maybe pop in to try their Free Live Blues on Wed and Fri



Menus for the wings

Heavenly Buffaloes

Heavenly Buffalo Wet Wing menu

Heavenly Buffalo Dry Wing Menu options



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