Pethers of Kew – Great Butchers with Excellent Sausage Rolls and Pies

Pether of Kew was the first thing we saw when we stepped off the train at Kew Gardens. I love a good local butchers and this one was a diamond selling some great stuff.

It was a shame that we were en-route to the Kew Gardens for the day as I could have filled my bag with meats, pies, and the such like very easily

This would be a great spot to pick up a sandwich or a pie before you enter Kew. They had a stall outside selling some lovely looking cobs.

We learned the hard way that the sandwiches on offer inside the gardens were not a patch on those that we saw here. We certainly did wish that we had bought a couple for a picnic

Hot Sausage Roll

I didn’t miss out though on one of their hot sausage rolls straight from the oven.

That was kind of my breakfast treat before a day at Kew 🙂 Lucky me!

Pies for later?

As I noted at the top there was some great stuff to buy for the gardens on the way in, and some great stuff to pick up on the way out for supper 🙂

I liked that they had uncooked pies on sale! I don’t like heating up a cooked pie as it is never quite the same as a freshly baked one.

If I lived up this way I would probably be in here getting one each week. Yum!

Pethers of Kew

Located at 16 Station Parade, TW9 3 London

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