Orangerey at Kew – Roast Chicken for lunch

The Orangery is a lovely building and a great setting for a café. It is an 18th Century Grade I listed building built in 1761 and is certainly very grand.

It was just a shame that it was overrun with tourists just like myself all scrambling around getting some overpriced sandwiches and stuff for lunch. It was probably a lot nicer in it’s hey day before they let the riff-raff in 🙂

Anyway we were hungry so we joined the queue of hungry marauders and emptied our savings accounts to buy lunch.

Roast Chicken for Lunch

We both had the Roast Chicken which was basically £11 just for the chicken! Then you could get a side for about another £4.50. I know not even an actual meal for that £16 outlay.

This was one of those, I’ll get Roast Potatoes, You get the Cabbage, and we’ll split them situations. I am only mock moaning for effect :-_

To be fair, it was actually quite a nice meal. My chicken was nicely cooked, there was plenty of gravy and I even ate most of my cabbage. Mind you I was jolly hungry after several hours of walking around Kew Gardens looking at plants and stuff.

Next time we visit Kew, I would probably eat at one of the cafés and restaurants near the Train Station and bring a picnic instead


The Orangery is Located at

Royal Botanic Gardens

Kew, Kew Green,

Richmond TW9 3AB


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