Street Feast at Hawker House – Tasty Taiwanese Bao from Yum Bun

Yum Bun Street Food was another place that I really wanted to eat at when we visited Street Feast in Hawker House at Canada Water in London.

It was that bright fluorescent sign and the promise of some stuffed Bao Buns that had me most excited.

I do love a Bao, I think it is that fluffiness of the bun that does it for me, I feel that I can eat as many of these little pillow like babies as I like without any problem at all šŸ™‚

The Yum Bun Menu was very simple and easy to understand offering One steamed bun for Ā£4 or Two steamed buns for Ā£7.50.

It did seem a little bit pricey, but hey we are in London, this is a bit of a Hipster joint, and I just paid Ā£5 for a beer! So I just decided to roll with it.

I ordered two buns; one pork, one chicken, and waited patiently for my pillows of delight to be created šŸ™‚

Pork Bun

I ate the Pork Bun first, just because the Chicken one talked about Chili and I figured I would go sweet and gentle first.

The Menu board promised “Slowly roasted belly pork, cucumber, spring onions, hoi sin sauce” and that was what I got.

The belly pork was awesome, it was soft and tender, with that sort of fat that is not actually fatty, the texture is all part of the deal. It had great flavour as well, I could have eaten about 5 of these.

The pork is kind of rich, and the hoi sin sauce was also a bit rich and sweet, so we were veering rapidly on a downhill bite.

Luckily the crunchy and cool slices of cucumber and the crisp crunchy spring onion cut right through the richness to balance everything out.

This was one seriously excellent combination of flavours and was a great filling for the soft pillow that it lay within just asking to be eaten.

Chicken Bun

The second bun that I ate was the Chicken Bun which had been described as “Crispy Japanese fried chicken, special sauce, shredded slaw, and chilli pickles”

I really liked the fried chicken, the coating was perfectly crisp, with a lot of crunch, and the chicken inside was super juicy and tender. It was not at all greasy and almost felt healthy.

The slaw was cooling and kind of OK, although I was not a massive fan, it went well with this particular Bao Bun combination.

I certainly needed it as that chilli pickle seemed to be great swathe of red fire spread generously across my chicken. It was ok though as that ‘special sauce’ that looked a little bit like the stuff you get on a ‘Fillet o Fish’ helped to cool it all down too šŸ™‚

I did like this bun too, I just wanted to tweak it a little bit to make it perfect for me. I might have just put less sauce on it, and perhaps less slaw. OK so I just wanted the chicken šŸ™‚

Buns Galore

If I had to pick between the two buns? well then? I would say that my favourite was the Pork Bun. Everything on that Bao worked just perfectly on my mouth and in my mind.

If I could pick something out from either bun as the best thing that I ate? well then that might just have been the Japanese style fried chicken. I could have eaten a whole box of that. Mind you I am partial to a bit of fried chicken šŸ™‚

Yum Bun can be found at Street Feast in London, we found them at Hawker House by Canada Water, but they also pop up at the other venues Giant Robot and Dinerama

They say that

“Yum Buns fluffy steamed buns are a Street Feast MUST. We love them stuffed with slow-roasted pork belly or crispy cod but don’t miss the meat-free and magnificent Crispy Tofu Bun with black bean and garlic mayo.
I have to say that I really do agree šŸ™‚
Check them out on Twitter and on Facebook to see where you can bump into them


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