The Coffee Pot in Hunstanton – All Day Breakfast at a Great and well priced Seaside Cafe

The Coffee Pot on Le Strange Terrace, just a short stroll from the South Promenade in Hunstanton seemed to be one of the more popular cafés open in the main drag, so it seemed to be a pretty good place to start the day.

We were off on a bit of a bimble along the Norfolk Coast path and really kind of needed a bit of breakfast to set us up for the day. I heard good things about this place before we arrived so was happy to try them out


The Coffee Pot menu had everything that you might expect from or hope for at your everyday café and all at pretty reasonable prices too. I spent most of the time perusing the breakfast section or ‘adult snacks’ as they seemed to call it.

I was just going to get a bacon or a sausage sandwich, both looked fair at £2.75, but then I saw that you could get their ‘All day mini’ breakfast for £3.20 just a little bit more.

All Day Mini Breakfast

The “All day mini breakfast” at the Coffee Pot did actually look to be pretty healthy as greasy spoon café fare goes. Billed on the menu as “All day mini breakfast, bacon, scrambled egg, beans, toast” it was really a large plate of egg and beans with some toast and a kind of bacon garnish 🙂 Fair enough!

I liked it, it hit the spot, and did set me up for my walk! The slice of bacon was quite nice, it was thick, smoky, and salty. The egg was nicely scrambled, it did need a lot of salt and pepper, but lets not forget we are in a seaside resort so you don’t expect to scare the holidaymakers too much with things like seasoning. The beans were nice just because they had been cooked properly in a pan and not in a stupid microwave.

I would have just liked a bit more toast to mop it all up with, but having said that it was all pretty good and I have added this on my list for future visits to Hunstanton.

Bacon Sandwich

Just for the record the Bacon Sandwich was pretty good as well. Nice soft white sliced bread, nicely sliced and fried bacon, bit of butter too, just what you are looking for and all in ratio too.

To be honest though I was happier with my choice, I needed way more than a small sandwich to sustain me for a 10 mile stroll along a coast path 🙂


The Coffee Pot is located at

28 Le Strange Terrace, Hunstanton, PE36 5AJ

Phone: 01485 535003

Check them out on their Facebook Page


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