Jambalaya at Tony C’s in Somerville

We came back to Tony C’s at  for a team lunch this week while we were visiting. The last time I was here I was chowing down on one of their signature burgers “The Tony C” read more about that here Tony C’s in Somerville – the #25 Burger

This time I took it as an opportunity to try out one of their proper meals, by which I mean something I need a knife and fork for 🙂

I spend so much time over here in the states while I am travelling chomping on burgers and hot dogs and any other meat in bread situation, I often wonder just what you must think of my diet choices 🙂

Anyway this day I branched out


I checked out the menu and saw that they were offering up a Gumbo. Now I love a bit of Southern Cajun and Creole cooking and even though I am hundreds of miles away from that great big melting pot of NOLA  I was really game to try this out.

The Menu describes this as “Louisiana Gumbo – roasted chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, holy trinity, okra, white rice”

This was a big, and I mean big plate of food for a lunchtime meal! I mean I am not complaining but my bowl was seriously laden down with shrimp, chicken, sausage and a whole load of spicy gravy.

There was a big mound of white rice in the middle of the bowl which was really needed to mop up and take away the most enjoyable richness of all that other stuff.

The sauce was just as I had hoped, packed out with the remnants of that holy trinity of bell pepper, onion, and celery, it was rich, it was smokey, and it was crunchy.

I really enjoyed it, I mean not the same as if I was sitting down on Frenchman street but somewhat better than if I had made this at home with a packet of Zatarians.

I was most certainly pretty happy with my lot!

Hanging at Tony C

I like Tony C’s, I have had some decent Bar food here and when you are travelling on business it is nice just to get out for a while from your hotel and find a place to hang for a while.

I like this particular place as they have a really great bar where you can sit on a stool, drink a beer, and watch the ‘game’ on a big television.

If you want to sit looking at your beer, your phone, and the screen you can. If you want to hang with ‘the guys’ and shoot the breeze? well this is a great place to do that as well 🙂


Located at

Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill – Somerville

699 Assembly Row

Somerville, Ma. 02145

O. 617.666.8282

F. 617.666.8283

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