Fish and Chips at Platters in Plymouth

Platters Seafood Restaurant is located on the Barbican in Plymouth right in the heart of the action down by the harbourside. It is apparently the oldest seafood restaurant in Plymouth and has been open for around 40 years.

Often when we visit Plymouth we end up get our Fish and Chips from the Harbourside Chippy just along the road (read more here), but today I fancied trying somewhere new so we were giving Platters a whirl

It is more of a proper restaurant than a chippy so it was kind of nice to get fancy for once as we slipped into one of the tight booth style tables to peruse the menu.

I was keeping it traditional by ordering the Large Cod, Chips and Peas for £12.95 (a safe option) but Mum was getting real adventurous taking a punt on the Homemade Fisherman’s Pie similarly priced at £12.95.


The Large Cod, Chips and Peas was described as “Prime Cod fillet cooked to perfection in our world famous crispy batter” which was a heady claim, ‘perfection’ and ‘world famous’ are not terms to be bandied around lightly 🙂

I didn’t survey the streets to check out the fame part of the claim and honestly I am not expert enough to judge perfection, but what I will say was that I found it to be a jolly excellent plateful of food.

The batter was indeed crispy and proper crispy too, it was nice and golden to look at and crunchy and crisp to bite into. The cod inside was large, meaty and really juicy, it looked fresh and tasted fresh and was a really quite excellent bit of fish deep frying.

There was more than enough chips and they were also rather good which I was very happy about as it is rare to find a plate where both the fish and the chips are cooked really well.

The mushy peas were interesting and seemingly looked small on the plate, but you have to note that the fish was exceptionally big so they do look a little dwarfed lying alongside. The actual pea mix were not like northern mushy peas but I liked them fine enough.

homemade FISHerman’s PIE

The Homemade Fisherman’s Pie was billed as a “Classic fisherman’s pie served with peas” which seemed a little restrained in description. It was a really very good pie, the creamy mix beneath the mash potato topping was rather delightful, rich and decadent and full of fish.

If I was to return again next year when we are in town I might well make a beeline to try a plateful of this pie all for myself.


I really only included this picture of my Fish and Chips from the other side just to show how many chips were piled onto the plate. In case you are wondering if I ate them all, well I did try and there were none left at the end. I confess though that a decent handful was given over to go with the Fish Pie which was a slightly smaller plateful of food.


I don’t usually comment too much about the decor of places that I eat at, I prefer to talk about the food, but here at Platters I was quite taken with the art along the walls that was like being in a big fish tank. I also liked the retro diner style tables and booths which made it a bit more fun and more casual an experience.

As a change from slumming it in the chippy I really liked eating at Platters. The food and service was excellent and it was a nice relaxed and comfortable place to dine at. I would come back for sure.

Located at 12 The Barbican in Plymouth PL1 2LS you can check the menus out on their website and see what they are up to on their Facebook page and their Instagram profile

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