A Pint of Padstow: Tasting Room for Padstow Brewing Company

Padstow Brewing Company is now one of my favourite breweries and all because we found this fantastic spot in Padstow called A Pint of Padstow where you can sample and taste their beers. Love a chance encounter and love a tasty sip of beer πŸ™‚

The Tasting Room is located on Broad Street and as well as being a tap room for the brewery it also sells their beers in cans and bottles.

In the tasting room you can get yourself a flight of three different beers to taste, you can get a whole pint as well if you want to but I liked trying a few different ones in this way purely just for research purposes of course.

I liked them all, but I found that the Pocket Rocket and the Padstow Pilsner were the most refreshing. I may well have had a couple more glasses of those after finishing the flight off

The day we were there you could get quite a few different beers to try and you could also get most of them and many more of their beers to takeaway in cans.

We took a couple of packs of the Pocket Rocket back to the airbnb to check out. It said on the can that it was an ‘Extra Hoppy Cornish Pale Ale’

It was pretty refreshing and did have quite a bit of hops, and at 4.0% was a little bit stronger than my normal session pale ales. Well we were on holiday so I think that was all fine! πŸ™‚

A Taste of Padstow is located at 4/6 Broad Street in Padstow and sells the beers from Padstow Brewery which is located up on the Trecerus Industrial Estate in Unit 4a Padstow PL28 8RW. The website says that you can do a tour and have a tasting. I was was quite happy doing my own tasting in the tap room πŸ™‚

Check them out on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed and on their Instagram Profile too

The Taste of Padstow have their own Twitter feed but that doesn’t seem very active

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