Embers Pizza in Padstow

Embers Wood Fired Pizza in Padstow is located at Market Place and it is right in the centre of the action. They advised booking but we slipped in early evening and we were OK for a table. It might not be as easy I imagine in the middle of the summer or at a weekend

I like the statement on their website where they say “Just because it’s fast food doesn’t mean it can’t be great Our aim is simple, to produce fantastic, artisan, truly authentic Neapolitan style pizza”

I like pizza and I like places that make great efforts to produce a more artisan effort so I was really looking forward to sampling some of this stuff at Embers.

On the menu at Embers they have the following to say about their Wood Fired Pizza – ‘Hand rolled to around 11″ then freshly fired in our wood burning oven for a truly authentic taste and wonderful crust you will want to savour’


The Mackerel Pizza is of the Embers House Specials described as being topped with “Tomato, mozzerella, mackerel, black olive, samphire, parmesan, and pesto

I chose this because we were at the coast and it seemed like a good idea to go for some seafood. I had never even considered that you could have Mackerel on a pizza but was willing to try it out. Adding samphire as opposed to Rocket seemed to be a good match as well.

It was a different taste, I suppose to say that it was ‘fishy’ would be an understatement. I liked it, it probably would not be to everyone’s taste but it worked for me. I wasn’t sure about the olives but I never really like those on my pizza (or anywhere else to be honest) and I am not sure that I needed the parmesan either.

They do say that cheese and fish do not mix but I am not sure that is strictly true. The big question though is ‘Would I order this again?’, the truth is ‘probably not’ but I was glad that I tried it anyway.


The Sticky Pig topped with ‘Mozzeralla, Embers roasted pork in dirty sauce, cherry tomato, red onion’ was more like one of my typical pizza topping choices.

I do like some sort of meaty feast and this one was right up my street. I did like the roasted pork, it might have been a bit too sticky and sweet as a topping but if I was sharing this pizza I could live with that

It tasted as good as it looked and it was a really good meat pizza combination!

I do like finding a nice independant pizza shop and if I was living in Padstow I reckon that Embers is a place that I would be frequenting on a fairly regular basis.

I really like that they were incorporating a lot of seafood on to their pizza. As well as the mackerel one that I braved they were offering a Padstow Crab one topped with ‘Chilli, Crab, Rocket and Parmesan’ for £15. I was just hoping that they hadn’t bought their crabs from the kids who were ‘crab dipping’ on the harbourside 🙂

Embers Pizza is located at 16 Market Place, Padstow,Cornwall, PL28 8AL

You can check out what they are up to on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and on their Instagram Profile too

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