Fresh From The Sea in Port Isaac

Fresh from the Sea in Port Isaac on New Road is an excellent place to hunt down some fresh Crab and Lobster. The place is run by Calum and Tracey Greenhalgh and the daily catch landed by Calum on his boat Mary D is used and sold in the shop

It was one of the first places that I sought out when we visited Port Isaac as I really was in the mood for a Fresh seafood sandwich and I was hoping that this place would be able to sort me out


On the counter was an excellent display of Homemade Fish Cakes and Freshly cooked Lobster. Unbeknownst to us these were about to become the focus of our lunch as we pondered our options.


I always like to check out what specials a place has on offer as somehow I feel as if I am getting something a bit extra that just what was on the main menu. I secretly think that I have won somehow when I say ‘Oh they had a special on’. I know that really most of the time it is the same special or that a place is trying to shift stuff that they have a lot left of. I think my imaginary world was better 🙂


We picked one of the specials to try opting for the “Homemade Fish Cakes with salad and ‘our own’ tartare sauce”

The Fish Cakes were pretty cook, plenty of smoked fish bound up with some potato coated with crumbs and fried. they were flavourful and soft. They did look a bit overfried in the picture but they were actually fine and I prefer a crispier coating anyway

The Fish Cakes were accompanied with a salad of mixed leaves, chopped up tomato and cucumber, topped with torn chunks of avocado. That was a pretty decent effort.


I was after a sandwich, well to to be honest I was after Crab or Lobster. My first thoughts were for Crab but sadly there was none as they had not been able to catch any due to the conditions. They had caught Lobster though as I had already seen that on the counter so it seems pretty clear then what I was going to be having


Their Lobster sandwiches were made to order on wholemeal bread with salad leaves and mayo. I quite liked it, there was plenty of lobster meat and it all tasted really fresh.

The wholemeal slices freshly cut from the loaf were pretty decent and the salad leaves added a bit of crunch to the bite.

I know that I said I had wanted Crab but I was happy enough with my Lobster even though I felt a bit too decadent paying out £11.50 for a sarnie 🙂

I loved the sign on the road pointing us up to Fresh From The Sea telling us that that the place had “Port Isaac Crab and Lobster” ‘caught by own own boat handpicked in our shop’. It was the sort of ‘local’ place that we had hoped to find and were glad that we did find.

It was a shame that I missed out on the Crab, but then again that means that I have something to look forward to if we ever wind our way back down to Port Isaac on another trip

Fresh by The Sea is located at

18 New Road, Port Isaac, PL29 3SB – Phone 01208 880849

It is next to the Pea by the Pod shop and is one of the first signs you see as you walk into Port Isasac from the Main pay and display car park

They can also be found on Instagram

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