Cornish Pasty Hunting in Padstow: The Chough Bakery

The Chough Bakery in Padstow is an award winning purveyor of Cornish Pasties and were the World Cornish Pasty Champions in 2018. They are located on the Strand in Padstow right on the side of the harbour and are a very popular spot to pick up a pasty.

While we were visiting there was a feature on the Greg James Radio 1 Breakfast show called #PassthePasty where Gregg was trying to pass a pasty from Padstow up to Aberdeen ‘Olympic Torch style’ to a listener who had never had a Cornish pasty

I found it hard to believe that a resident of that city had never had one as when I lived there lard based baked goods were practically breakfast. Maybe that is harsh though as I would suspect many Cornish pasty guzzling residents of Padstow may have never eaten a Scotch Pie


They sell a range of pasties (as well as other baked goods) in the bakery as well as the Traditional Cornish Pasty that we were getting you could also order a Three Cheese and Onion one, a Steak and Cornish Blue Cheese one, and also ones filled with Chicken and Bacon, and most temptingly a Lamb and Mint Pasty. That does sound really good

I am sure that they are all really good, but on this trip and Pasty Hunting adventure we were keeping it Traditional opting for a straightforward Cornish Pasty


The Traditional Cornish Pasty at The Chough Bakery was described as “Our World Championship winning Cornish Pasty, made with locally sourced steak and vegetables and our secret ingredient a gurt dollop of Cornish Clotted Cream

They were offering a Medium and a Large pasty, but we just had the Medium ones as I tend to find that down here in Cornwall Medium is large enough for me. We have been scoffing quite a few on this trip and I find that if I am more restrained I can often manage a couple (or more) each day and still have room for my tea later (Fish and Chips cannot be resisted)


Once inside the Cornish Pasty you are able to see just one of the reasons why these pasties from The Chough Bakery win a lot of awards!

There is so much filling packed inside that lovely pastry casing, and most importantly proper chunks of meat and vegetable, no mushy mass produced stuff to be seen here.

I like that the filling is well distributed, the meat is plentiful and the vegetables are nice and juicy, perhaps that is the cream that makes it so moist?

The other thing I like about these pasties is that they are really well seasoned with plenty of pepper, almost a bit spicy.

I could easily eat one of these every day, and to be honest on this trip we did as they were the perfect thing to take away for lunch when we went off on a walk along the coast paths or over to Rock on the Ferry

The Chough Bakery is one of my favorite places to visit in Padstow and well up on my list of favorite Cornish Pasties. They do sell other stuff as well, sausage rolls, cakes and sandwiches all of which we have tried.

A good tip is that if you turn up towards the end of the day they are often selling the left over bakes at a cheap price and I am not ashamed to admit that we have popped back in late to pick up a cake or two for our pudding and some bread rolls for the morning. I mean why not, if its good its good.

Located at 3 The Strand in Padstow, PL28 8AJ you can check out the Chough Bakery in person, on their website, their Facebook page, and on their Instagram profile

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