No 1 Cromer: Fish and Chips

No 1 Cromer is one of those destination Fish and Chip shops that I really cannot resist hunting down. Once I knew that we were heading to the area for a short break I had been picking out places I had to go to.

This place is the flagship Fish and Chip shop of locally and nationally renowned chef Galton Blackiston. Upstairs it is a bit fancier, but we were eating in the Downstairs Fish & Chip Restaurant and Takeaway.

I was really looking forward to this and even though there was a menu I just knew that I was going to be having Haddock and Chips. But just for the fun of it lets take a look at the bit of the menu we were interested in 🙂



We had the “Lager, Soy and Ginger marinated Whitebait served with a Wasabi Mayo dip” to get us started while waited for our Fish and Chips

I am not really sure why we needed a starter? but for some reason it seemed like a good idea to order one. To be fair it was a good idea

I am not usually a fan of this little battered fish, but I have to say that I did like these Asian style ones even if they did not feel that traditional and to be honest a little out of place by the seafront in Cromer

Problem is that these were so good that there is a real danger I might start ordering them and I know already that they will not be as good somewhere else. Still that will be something to write about 🙂

Haddock and Chips

The Haddock and Chips was described on the menu as “No 1 Cromer’s classic fish the way your Mum and Dad liked”. I think that these are the way we all like them, it isn’t a generational thing, got to love Fish and Chips by the seaside! It is the law 🙂

This was a really great plate of Fish and Chips and was everything that I was hoping for. Light crunchy batter coating a lovely thick fillet of flaky haddock. Love that the flakes of the fish fall apart in actual chunks as you cut through as then you really know just how fresh the fish is when you do that.

I would have been a happy camper if I only had a piece of fish but I have to say that I also enjoyed the chips and the mushy peas as well! Chips were well fried, crisp and solid. The Mushy peas were plentiful, creamy and bright. If I didn’t already need a reason to overeat at the seaside, I found one very quickly when this food arrived at my table.

When I said that this place is a destination Fish and Chip shop? Well I really mean it. I will be back again next summer when the sun is shining specifically to eat here again!

Those Fish and Chips at Cromer No. 1 were really needed on this day as it was pretty stormy on the sea front. It kept us warm for the rest of the afternoon as we battled our way through the wind and rain along to the pier.

Edit: Since then whenever it is blowing a gale I think of this place


Cromer No 1 is located on the seafront at Cromer about 5 minutes walk away from the pier. The official address is 1 New St, Cromer NR27 9HP

Check them out also on their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, and on their Instagram Profile

I feel that I need to return as well to try upstairs and see what Chef Jimmy Preston is cooking up. I looked at the menu online and really fancy the sound of the Crab Burger, the Ox Cheek Dhansak, and the Prawn and Chicken Laksa. having said that, by the time I get back I expect that there will be a whole new menu! Sounds like a plan stan.

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