The Vesuvio Pizza at The Golden Fleece in Wells

The Golden Fleece Pub in Wells-Next-The-Sea was a pretty friendly and busy pub right on the quayside on the front by the harbour

We popped in for some lunch as the menu looked pretty reasonable with a lot of pub classics like ‘Burgers’ and ‘Fish and Chips’ sitting alongside some more interesting offerings such as the ‘Devilled lambs liver’ and the ‘Smoked Haddock, Bacon, and Sweetcorn Chowder’.

It was the handmade pizza though that was to catch our eyes and take our fancy!

They have a lot of quite interesting pizza combinations on the menu that seem to change and update from time to time.

I am not sure of the legality of a “Supercharged Hawaiian“, I mean pineapple on a normal pizza is bad enough so lets not start adding power crazy adjectives into the mix!

I like that they have interesting vegetarian options listed in particular the “Collywood Legend” topped with ‘goats cheese, mildly curried cauliflower, mango chutney, red onion, spring onion, chillies, frilled aubergine and mozzarella‘ does sound well thought out and certainly does not sound boring.

The Vesuvio

In the end the Vesuvio was going to be my topping combination of choice something meaty and something spicy!

Officially this was listed on the menu as “Chilli Beef, Salami, Chorizo, Pepperoni, Franks Hot Sauce, Jalapenos & Blue Cheese Sauce” it sounded like it would deliver on both counts!

As Spicy and Meaty pizza goes, this one actually really did deliver what it promised. In all honesty it might even have pushed the envelope a little bit too far for me.


I do like a lot of meat so could not complain when I found that this one was totally laden with the stuff ! While I did like the Chilli Beef, the Chorizo, and the Pepperoni, I could perhaps have left off the salami.

Spice wise too I confess to pulling off a few of the jalapenos, I was just not being man enough to eat them all, spice overload. It was nice and hot though just as I had hoped so I was just being weak willed.

I like the addition of the tangy Franks Hot sauce into the pizza it made that classic tomato base sauce a lot more fun.

The cooling Blue Cheese Sauce just about saved my taste buds from being overwhelmed, although any flavour overload from the spice and meat was all done in the best possible way and really I was enjoying every mouthful.

Price wise it was at the upper level being around £15 which I thought was a lot for a pub pizza, even one with a view over the harbour. It was well big enough to share though so I suppose that might make it better value. I did eat it all by myself but to be honest that was sheer gluttony and I probably should have shared !


The Golden Fleece is located at 18 The Quay, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1AHAs you would expect from the address it is right on the Quay side by the estuary and in sight of the water (depending on which window you are looking out of)

Check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Twitter Feed

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