Fish and Chip Friday at The Three Crowns in Wymeswold

The Three Crowns pub in Wymeswold is one of the pubs in the Cat and Wickets pub co group formed by Dan Cramp and the cricketers Harry Gurney and Stuart Broad.

I had heard about this place but hadn’t had a chance to stop in, so when we were driving along through Wymeswold and someone mentioned a pub lunch I casually mentioned that this place looked worth a try 🙂

When I walked in the first thing to jump out at me was their Chalkboard listing “Our ‘door-stop’ sarnies”. I always love a proper big sandwich and these sounded great all made with white or granary and served with skinny fries.

It was sounding just like the sort of deli sandwiches I love scoffing in the States.

Two that really piqued my interest were “The New Yorker – pastrami, pickle, Swiss cheese, mayo” and “The ‘Cuban’ – roast pork, gherkins, mustard, Swiss Cheese” I love both of those classic deli combinations.

However I was after a proper meal so I parked the thought of a sandwich for another occasion if I was passing through Wymeswold


It was a Friday so that pretty much was meaning one mission and that was Fish and Chips!

We perused the Classics section of the menu and saw that they were offering “Beer battered Haddock, chips in dripping, mushy peas & tartare sauce for £12.50“.

That was easy, Three plates of Fish and Chips please!

The Fish was excellent, batter was super light and airy with a light crunch. The Haddock was thick, juicy, with big flakes. It was some of the nicest I have had in a pub for a while.

It was a decent sized portion as well, a nice big bit of fish.I always like it when the fish is overhanging the plate. In this case they just give you an even bigger plate.

The Mushy peas were nice and smooth, tartare sauce was good too not too tart.

The chips were good, but I wasn’t so sure about some of the chips that were cut really large. They were more like a large slice of potato than a chip so those ones were a little weird, too much potato, is that a strange comment to make?

Don’t get me wrong I liked them it was just that the big ones were too chunky 🙂

The plate of food was so filling that really I wasn’t looking seriously at the Puddings. I had though already clocked some of the cakes that they had on the bar.

There was a plate of freshly cooked Brownies samples that they were offering for free. I had already snaffled a piece while we were ordering, but was happy to gratefully accept another little bite when offered :-

I loved this chalkboard out in the car park suggesting that unattended children will be given an expresso and a free kitten. Well technically I was an unattended child but I didn’t go back in to make my claim!

The Three Crowns Pub is located at 45 Far Street, Wymeswold, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 6TZ

It is basically on the A6006 as you drive through the village

Check out the Cat and Wickets group and the pubs on their Facebook Page, their Twitter profile

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