The Magpie Cafe in Whitby: Haddock and Chips

The Magpie Cafe in Whitby is one of those destination Fish and Chip shops. If you mention that you are going on a trip to Whitby or have just been there then this place seems to come up time and time again in conversation.

It is right in midst of the seaside action, located on Pier Road alongside the harbour. I had been warned of queues but when we went at tea time there were just a few people waiting on the steps. Earlier at lunchtime they were standing in line along the pavement, so I was glad we timed it well.

The menu said that the fish was “fried the Traditional Whitby way in beef dripping and our own recipe Crispy Batter served with Homemade Tartare Sauce, Lemon and Thick Cut Chips”

That sounded good to me as we ordered two large haddock and chips with mushy peas πŸ™‚


When people think that their Fish was as big as a whale they need to check out the size of the Haddock that they were serving at the Magpie cafe. If the plate is big and the fish is hanging over both sides then I say that is a large beast worthy of the ‘big as a whale’ jest.

I admit to being a bit overfaced when this plateful hit my table, but as always I was game for the challenge and I did my best to scoff it all. On the table next to us a bloke was struggling to defeat a small fish and chips, he gave up saying it was too much. I wondered why he came to the cafe in the first place, I mean why bother if you are going to leave some πŸ™‚

I really like the crispy and crunchy batter, I liked the white succulent and juicy flesh of the Haddock as well. I wasn’t that keen by the end of the skin as it was such a big fish and there was a lot of it. In the thinner end sections it was like less fish and more skin and I wasn’t really enjoying the texture on those little bits. I suppose I could have had the Cod which was skinned, but I really love Haddock πŸ™‚

There were a lot, and a mean a lot of chips and they were pretty decent, perhaps a bit pale looking but I think that was down to new season potatoes. We shared some mushy peas, and they were really good, a bit saucy which is just how I like them. It all went well together, just as it should.

I can see why the Magpie Cafe is so popular, they certainly do offer up a really large portion of well cooked fish and chips. Pricewise it is not that cheap but then again you are sitting inside a restaurant and not on a park bench being swooped on by seagulls

Although I did feel slightly sad walking past all the other chippies on the way here, I just had to try this place out and leave the others for another day (well maybe) πŸ™‚


The Magpie Cafe is located at 14 Pier Rd, Whitby YO21 3PU right on the edge of the Harbour. You can follow them on their Twitter Feed and also check them out on their Facebook Page

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