The Angel Fisheries in Whitby

The Angel Fisheries in Whitby located just off the riverside on a little cut through between Baxtergate and New Quay Road was our choice for our Fish and Chip lunch on our latest visit to the town

We had every intention of dining in at one of the big boys in town where we had dined before, Trenchers had been our first thoughts, possibly the Magpie Cafe but to be honest the prices seemed quite high just to be able to sit down in the warm and eat off a plate so we were wavering and looking around to see what else was on offer.

We peered inside and saw that they had a few tables in the warm out of the wind, sure it wasn’t that fancy but it was going to better than sitting on a bench in the cold

It was almost comedic in that only 24 hours earlier we had been talking to out AirBNB host who insisted that all Fish and Chips in Whitby was the same and it wasnt worth paying more. In his words ‘all the fish comes from the sea, and the potatoes from the ground‘ no thought of preparation or skill of a cook in frying up our chippy lunch 🤣😋 so obviously we thought we knew better 😎🤣

Perhaps we didn’t

We didn’t need to take too much thought as we ordered opting for our usual fare one cod and chips, one haddock and chips and pots of mushy peas.

The only added extra was a mug of tea to whet the whistle and warm us up from our walk along the harbour on the way here.

Lets eat


First impressions on the Cod were most favourable, the batter looked crisp and golden, I always love it when there are flaky bits and it is a little bit imperfect. A really smooth coating always raises alarms I like it rough.

Sometimes when you get a good chippy they offer you the ‘battered bits’ which are often a real treat, so here today we we getting the best of both worlds with the bits still attached 😍


The batter was nice and crisp, and despite having literally walked from the fryer to our trays there was little sign of grease. It was perhaps a little wet in places and we had to let it cool before devouring.

Once the seal on the coating was broken we were treated to a most glorious glimpse of the succulent meaty white flesh that lay within. This was going to be a good day!


The battered Haddock was equally good, again a little imperfect to look at, and this time the fillet seemed to be split at one end. No bother it was just as good inside! Lovely moist big flakes of fish that forked apart nicely as you cut in.

The chips were also excellent, nice and golden to look at, a crisp coating, soft inside, not at all soggy and I liked that there were not too many chips, plenty to fill you up but not too many to overface.

The mushy peas were pretty fair as well, slightly watery but big solid crunchy peas in the mixture and a generous portion

I loved the board outside that detailed the provenance of the ingredients, I find it fascinating to know which boats landed my fish. If I had the time I may have searched the harbour to hunt them down but maybe another day.

As we read the board we learned that the trawlers and chippy had recently featured on the telly, I must look for that clip!

As we dined they were just putting up the Christmas decorations and we had a nice chat with them about the telly appearance and how it was going in Whitby. They were a really friendly bunch and most welcoming.

I would certainly consider a return visit, the food was quality and the the prices most reasonable. OK so yes Trenchers is still a big favorite when we visit, but you have to spread the chippy love sometimes when out and about on a MyFoodHunt trip 😎😍😋

Angel Fisheries are located at Angel yard, Baxtergate, Whitby YO21 1BW

You can also check them out on their Facebook page and Instagram profile,

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