Trenchers Fish and Chips in Whitby

Trenchers Restaurant & Takeaway in Whitby is one of many Fish & Chip shops in the town, in fact I think that this place must have the most Chippies of anywhere in the country, there are so many to choose from!

They were the 2019 winners of the Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year run by the National Fish and Chip Awards (top 5 in 2020). This had come to our attention as one of our local Nottingham restaurants The Cods Scallops had won this year in 2020, so we were keen to seek this place out

To add to that we also found ourselves coming here to eat on recommendations made by friends in the North East who come this way a lot so have had the time to check out a lot of places in Whitby and know what they are talking about. Well we were hoping that they were right otherwise it was going to be a bit awkward next time we meet 🙂 Spoiler alert they were right, phew!


I ordered the Cod and Chips and I was pretty pleased with what I found when I opened the box, which was basically the size of a shoebox if you are trying to work out how big the fish was.

There was a nicely golden coloured battered piece of Cod laying alongside way too many chips, all nicely divided up with a cardboard fold up that I had flattened for the sake of the photo

Fish wise, very good, another great bit of seaside Fish and Chip action, this was up on a par with the meal I had a week or so earlier at French’s in Wells Next the Sea (read more here)


Great battering on the Cod Fillet and once I dug in, nice white moist and juicy fish inside and no hint of sogginess. Excellent stuff

After I had added the mushy peas, which did seem to be very mushy, the meal was complete 🙂

Chips wise, these were the best so far, lots of thickly cut proper chip shop chips, uniform batons, crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy inside. The only downside was that I really needed more vinegar and more mushy peas to dip them in (as that is how I roll)

I could not eat all the chips which did seem to be a shame really, I ate all the good ones though so it was mostly the scrappy ones that got left behind

It was pretty easy to see why Trenchers is so highly rated and so popular, I would have to thank my friends who recommended them and will have these again for certain when in Whitby


Trenchers is located at New Quay Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 1DH. Its on that bit just near the replica of the Endeavour and one of the first places you see as you leave the train station.

Both the takeaway and the restaurant were open when we visited, but with the Covid times things were a little more restricted and seats were less available. We got takeout and sat on the benches over by the war memorial just over the road, probably like everyone else does.

You can check out Trenchers on their website, and on the socials, their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, and their Instagram profile

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