Frenchs Fish and Chips in Wells Next the Sea

French’s Fish & Chips at the quay side in Wells Next the Sea has been serving up chippy delights since 1921, well over 90 years so they must be doing something right. I had heard good things about them, and when I asked where we should get our Fish and Chips from in the town, their name came up time and time again.

All I can add to that was that they were a welcome sight after a stroll along the Norfolk coast path. I had certainly built up some appetite and I was really looking forwards to trying their food out.

It was a bit of a wait in the long line outside to place our orders, but once inside and at the counter it was all very quick and efficient. They were so busy that they were churning out freshly cooked fish as quick as they could.


There was a paper menu on the wall inside the shop, but the simple board up above the counter told us all that we needed to know. They had worked out the classics and it was just a case of ordering a Cod and Chips, and a Haddock and Chips both with mushy peas. Chips size wise I was glad to see that they offered small, medium, and large portions for £1.90, £2.50, and £3.50. The lady behind the counter assured us that the small portion was going to be plenty as we pondered getting a large to split between us, and she was totally right 🙂


I had the Cod and Chips, with a small pot of mushy peas and it really was a very good sized piece of fish and even though I was hungry the small chips were plenty.

This was one of the best pieces of Fish that I have had at the seaside for ages, maybe it was because I was so hungry or maybe it was the sea air, I don’t know, it just seemed to be perfect in the moment.

The batter was crisp, crunchy, light and without a hint of grease or sogginess. It all tasted so fresh and the firm white flesh of the cod was succulent and clean tasting. I wish it was always like this when I have a chippy tea at the sea.

Even though the chips were new season potatoes they were still really good. Often I don’t like them at this time of year but French’s had managed to keep them just as good as always.

The mushy peas were good too, plenty of them, a nice sauciness, and just a little bit of crunch, just as I like.

All in all this was as I said a fantastic portion of Fish and Chips, and next time I am in Wells-next-the-Sea I know where my first port of call is going to be!


I usually have the Haddock but I am getting a bit fed up that it often comes with the skin on and not everywhere cook it well enough. I was happy to find that the Haddock here at French’s was cooked to perfection also. I was happy with my Cod today, but another day may go back to the Haddock my first Fish and Chip love 🙂


I had had the Cod and small chips which was plenty and worked out at £7.50. I was pleased to see that they did have a smaller mini bite when you could get a 1/2 Cod and 1/2 chips for just £5. That is always a good option, if like I, you plan to scoff more than one meal when you are on a MyFoodHunt trip out and about!

French’s Fish & Chips is located at 10 The Quay, Wells-next-the-Sea, NR23 1AH right on the front and you cannot miss it.

At the moment with the Covid restrictions they have a queue outside and a limited number of people inside at any one time. It was all very efficient though and we were served quickly once inside, and they had all the condiments and stuff ready to grab so no need to be floundering around hunting for stuff.

The things that pleased me immensely (apart from the obvious quality of the food) was that they had proper forks to eat your food with and also some of those wet wipes to clean your fingers with after, sometimes it just needs the little touches 🙂

You can check French’s Fish and Chips out on their Website, and also on their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and their Instagram Profile

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