Beach Box Cafe at Wadebridge: Breakfast Cobs on the Camel Trail

The Beach Box Cafe in Wadebrigde is one of three Beach Box location in Cornwall. This one is at the Wadebridge end of the Camel Trail, the others are at Polzeath Beach and at Mawgan Porth.

On their website they suggest that “If you’re setting off to walk or cycle the Camel Trail, or you’ve just completed the 6 miles from Padstow, you’ll probably be needing refreshment”

In our case we were at the start of our trek to Padstow and we were looking to grab a hot drink and a snack to set us up before our walk.


We were mostly interested in the breakfast section of the menu where they were offering Bacon or Sausage baps for £3.95 or a Sausage AND Bacon bap for £5.50.

Now I would have happily had the combo but on this occasion they only had enough sausage for one bap so we got one of each and decided to have half of each one to share.

If we had been at the other end of our journey and had walked here from Padstow for lunch then I could easily have been sitting down eating one of their “Fish Finger Baps” with ‘Tartare Sauce and Salad’ for £7.95


I know that the best bit about these baps should be the sausage and the bacon but you know what?

The best thing I loved was the bap itself, the bread was that nice chewy and crispy kind that you can tear apart with your teeth as you take a bite.


The sausages were well cooked so that they had a nice crisp skin coating with a gently herbed filling.


The Back Bacon was thick, moist, and meaty. It seemed to have some quality about it.

They say on their website that ‘everything we serve has to be healthy, wholesome, fresh as a summer’s dawn, and ethically sourced, ideally from as close to home as possible’

From reading I was taking it that the sausage and bacon were not your average catering efforts and you could tell as they actually tasted nice and I didn’t need to resort to adding red or brown sauce 🙂

Located at Eddystone Road, Wadebridge PL27 7AlL the Beach Box cafe is located on the Camel Trail as it joins with Wadebridge

You can check out the social feeds for all the Beachbox Cafes, their Facebook page (here) and their Instagram profile (here)

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