Chough Bakery in Padstow: Breakfast Cobs for the Ferry

I have written before about the excellent Cornish Pasties from Chough Bakery in Padstow (read more here) but I wanted to take a moment to talk about the other great stuff that they offer.

Over the last few years when we have visited Padstow the bakery has been a regular port of call each time. Now in the main that has been for a lunchtime pasty, but more recently we have taken to picking up a bit of breakfast to keep us going as well


The chalkboard outside the shop in the morning offers up bacon baps and sausage baps for £3.50, but I could not see the point is just getting one filling when I saw that you could also get a Sausage AND bacon bap for £.3.95 just a few more silver coins for double the bun fun


As breakfast baps go, these from the Chough Bakery are right up there on the list of ones I have thoroughly enjoyed scoffing.

The bun is soft, light and airy bread and is most importantly freshly baked that day. The only downside for me is that it’s floured and as I like to wear black I always end up with flour fingermarks on me Shirt. Such a messy eater!

Fillings wise it is packed with sausage and bacon. Two sausages sliced in half layered within slices of well cooked meaty bacon. I asked for ketchup and there was a lot of that too perhaps too much, I had one with brown sauce as well on a different day same story. Next time might just decline the sauce as you don’t really need it!

Now I was greedy getting both meat fillings and on other trips I have just had a bacon or a sausage cob and I admit that is plenty enough. It’s just so hard to resist getting both, it’s a good job they were not offering more stuff!


I do like the look of the Quiche that the have on the counter but am yet to try one. I reckon a slice would be just perfect to add to a picnic by the harbour side but as of yet I am always distracted by Cornish pasties (just as I intended to be)


I have tried the cakes from the bakery and in particular liked the millionaires type slices. I probably shouldn’t say this but my top tip is to pop in near closing time when they reduce the prices and you can get a real bargain!


During COVID times when we last visited we ordered through the door and then waited to collect through the Pasty Pitstop window.

I had never spotted it before but I expect at busier times of the year it’s the place to collect or buy your pasty from

Whichever door you end up getting your food from it’s gonna be good!

Located at 3 The Strand in Padstow, PL28 8AJ you can check out the Chough Bakery in person, on their website, their Facebook page, and on their Instagram profile

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