Cornish Pasty Hunting in Sennen Cove

The Old Boathouse at Sennen Cove is a great general store selling all sorts of stuff, according to their website they ‘stock most of what you will need for a stay here: Gifts, Clothes, Newspapers and Magazines, Beachware, Fishing Tackle, Groceries, Beers, Wines and much much more

The website also hosts The Sennen Cove Diary which is a fantastic read self described as ‘…the witterings of a West Cornwall shopkeeper’ honestly it is one to check out

Now I did not know any of this when we just ‘popped by to buy a Cornish Pasty’ and I only learned it weeks after we had left and I was googling the shop to see if they had a website. If we ever come back I will have to say hello

It is really hard to ignore a sign that says “World Champion Pasties sold here” even one with the small print following up that they were in the top 3 last in 2017 and it is now 2020:-)

The ones being sold here apparently from Prima Bakeries who are based out of Redruth

From the outside it looks like a decent bake, a somewhat solid pastry with a big crimp and a decent colour. Not perhaps as golden as I would like but not pale like some

Inside it was to prove to be quite decent, Nicely flavoured and seasoned and I like that there was plenty of proper distinct elements to the filling.

You can easily pick out the chunks of potato, swede, and meat. The actual pastry casing was quite firm and solid, I think you can see that in the picture that there is no danger of this pasty falling apart in your hands!

Over the road from the shop are a few tables where you can sit and watch the world go by and take in the views of the cove. In the distance you can just pick out the beach where most hardy souls were paddling or surfing and one of the car parks which we had taken advantage of

You can check out the Prima Bakery on their website, on their Facebook page, Twitter Feed aknd on their Instagram profile

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