Cornish Pasty Hunting in Falmouth: JH and M Choak

JH & M Choak on Killigrew Street in Falmouth were our destination for lunch today and Once again we were starting our munching with a Traditional Cornish Pasty. The sign on the front of the shop said that these guys had been baking since 1949 and I read that this particular shop had been open since 1960.

I really love it when I can see bakers putting the pasties together and this place is great for watching the action as there were two lads making pasty after pasty at then counter by the window as we stood in line to order.

I read that they have a pasty school where you can learn how to make your own pasty by the man himself Charlie Choak! For 10 quid you get that, a pasty and a certificate. Hopefully one day I can enrol and get myself some of that learning too

I really liked these Cornish Pasties from JH & M Choak. They were a bit flatter than some that I have had and the pastry was a bit thinner. I kind of liked that it was uneven in places, it looks handmade, and it tastes handmade. There is plenty of filling inside and it is quite a moist and juicy pasty as well. I think that seems to be unusual amongst the ones that we have scoffed over the last few years.

I really enjoyed the medium sized pasty that we had to eat it was just about the right size for a lunchtime snack. Inside we saw a Party Pasty which I assume was for sharing. I mean obviously I would give it a good go if someone gave me one to eat, but even I might end up conceding that I may need a little help from friends.

JH & M Choak are located at 30 Killigrew Street in Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 3PN.

It is a nice big open plan shop and bakery and you could see all the pasty making efforts going on through the windows. I liked that as then I really know that I am getting a homemade one and a freshly baked one too.

Check them out on their website

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