Route 39 in Wadebridge – American Themed Diner

Route 39 in Wadebridge is an American Themed Diner serving up a ‘classic American menu of burgers, ribs, steaks, chicken, and Mexican meals” they also have shakes, fries, pancakes and breakfasts. It is one of a small group called the Route Restaurants with others Route 5, Route 38, and Route 303 all based in the South West


I cannot remember exactly which burger we ordered. I thought that it was the Cheeseburger with added Bacon. But when it came it had mushrooms in as well so maybe I asked for the Mushroom Swiss, or just maybe I got extra random mushrooms.

The burger itself was nothing out of the ordinary but was quite satisfying to eat. It was big and meaty, there was plenty of molten cheese, slices of well cooked bacon and loads of mushrooms as well. If anything it was a bit greasy with all that fried stuff on it, but I didn’t mind that too much as I do like a big ‘down and durty ‘old fry up

The fries were chips and I couldn’t eat them all, there were way too many on the plate for me and I usually can scoff down a great big plateful. Portion wise you were getting your money’s worth here at the Diner and you were not going to be leaving feeling hungry for sure


The Mac and Cheese with Chilli looked ok and there was a really large bowlful to be fair. Both the chilli and the mac tasted nice but not quite what I was expecting. The Chilli was like a mexican chili con carne and was not as sweet as the chilli that I have had in the States. So it really was a Mexican dish (as per the menu). The mac and cheese was thick and gooey and was likely to stick easily to your hips.

I did not really think that these two dishes should have lived in the same bowl though. On their own they were fine enough, together? it wasn’t quite hitting the spot for me. Once again there was plenty of food to fill you up, so you could not grumble portion wise. I did like both though.

I do love an American Diner and this one seemed to have a good range on the menu and it was adourned with all the classic memorabilia from road signs and number plates, to neon signs, and posters of all the famous American stars.

Route 39 in Wadebridge is located on Eddystone Road, PL27 7AL. It is pretty central and only a short walk away from the Camel Trail, so maybe a good spot to fuel up or refuel if you are planning a walk

You can check out all the Route restaurants on their website and also on their Facebook page and their Twitter feed. Route 39 has its own Facebook page too

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