Cornish Pasty Hunting in Tintagel: Slice

Slice in Tintagel was our place of choice for Pasty purchasing today and it was a somewhat unexpected stop as well as we were really in town looking for a bit of the legend of King Arthur

The shop itself felt like more of gift shop than a pasty shop but they had the big letters above the door saying “Pasties” so we figured we should just pick up a couple before we carried on playing at being tourists

The chalkboard sign outside Slice was promising “Cornish Pasties Homemade Here” which was enough to get us through the door. Once inside I was happy to see some in mid assembly as we peered in to the kitchen at the back. I knew then that the promises from the board were about to be fulfilled.

Presentation wise this was one of the tidiest and neatest pasties that I have found on these trips. The crimping was really even, I had seen them being made by hand in the shop so I was quite impressed by the look of them.

The pastry was a bit pale looking, I do like it when it is a bit more golden and shiny. The pasty was filled well with plenty of well distributed meat, potato, and swede. I might have liked it a bit moister if I was being picky.

It was a very solid effort and I was more happy to have been sitting down by the sea eating this homemade pasty than one of the ones from the chain shops in the village.

One of the best parts of this particular Cornish pasty hunting trip were the views over the sea and the cliffs down near the Castle. We totally lucked out with finding this bench just on the Coastal Path a few 100 yards away from the visitors centre.

I am trying to forget that the steep hill that you stroll down on the way to the castle has to be walked back up again afterwards. It was even more galling when we found out that there was a Landrover service we could have taken advantage of to get back up if we had needed.

To be fair though I really did need the exercise as per usual as this was not to be my only Cornish pasty of the day!

Slice in Tintagel is located on Fore Street which seems to be the main road running right through the village. You cannot miss the place really as you walk from the public carpark by the tourist information centre down towards the path to Tintagel castle.

You can check them out on their Facebook page where there is also a neat little video where you can see them making the pasties. That was another boost to see that they really were homemade on the site.

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