Barny’s Fish and Chips in Wadebridge

Barny’s Fish and Chip shop in Wadebridge seemed to be a really popular Chippy when we were in town. Every evening when we were heading home or out to the pub there was a line of people waiting to collect their takeaway orders.

On our last night we really just wanted an easy night so we figured we would check the place out and grab ourselves a takeout to eat back at our AirBNB. We could have eaten in the restaurant but we timed it badly forgetting that many places are closing early, so early in fact that we almost missed the cut off for the takeaway window.


The prices on the takeout menu were really very reasonable with Cod and small chips working out at just £5.90. In nearby Padstow you can expect to pay double that if you hit the tourist spots like Rick Steins. Having said that our favourite spot Chip Ahoy is pretty reasonable too (read about that place here)


The portions in the takeout box looked pretty reasonable size wise with a nice big piece of battered Cod fillet on top of plenty of proper chippy chips. We were being posh though and planned to transfer to an actual plate when we got home.


I am not sure how I really feel about tipping out my Chippy tea onto a plate, admittedly it makes it much easier to eat, but I kind of like the down and durty fish and chip action when eating out of the box or a chip shop wrapper.

Either way tonight I was enjoying my Cod and Chips. It was not the best I have ever had, but it was not the worst, it was one of those well cooked plates of Fish and Chips (with mushy peas) that we all eat each week from the many Chip shops up and down the country .

The batter might have been a little soggy in places but I liked the cod fillet inside, I enjoyed the chips which were proper chippy chips if that makes sense. I added plenty of salt and vinegar and then I was in the midst of a good old fashioned chippy tea in front of the telly.

The mushy peas were green and added a bit of sauce, I always have them and sometimes they are great, sometimes good, and sometimes they are just there. It doesn’t really matter to me as long as they are there. Having said that good mushy pea days are always welcome!

We felt that we just had to try Barny’s Fish and Chip out, not only because it seemed popular, but because on our first day in town we watched two blokes white wash and repaint the walls so we knew that they were up and running and making an effort to spruce the place up for the chippy punter.

While I enjoyed having my takeaway I think that I would like to eat in the restaurant and maybe next year if life has improved for us all and things are a little bit more relaxed we may take up that as an opportunity if we can.

Barny’s Fish and Chip shop is located at 10 Molesworth Street in Wadebridge, PL27 7DA. It is on the main crossroads in the centre and is really easy to spot.

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