Secret Burger Club at Round Corner’s Taproom in Melton Mowbray

This weekend we were reunited with Secret Burger Club and their brand spanking new Food Truck at the Round Corner Brewery Taproom in Melton Mowbray. It had been over 6 months since I last held one of their awesome burgers in my hands, far too long, I was almost starting to feel that I would never taste that magic in a bun ever again.

I have waxed lyrical about the burgers from Secret Burger Club from the moment that we first met back in 2017 at the Nottingham Street Food Club (read more here) and over the intervening years I have written about nine of their fabulous burger combinations on The Nottingham Food Blog

Alas they no longer flip their burgers at that place and are now out on the road spreading the burger joy near and far. Of course while that is a loss to me in one way, it is a gain in another as now I can write about them on this MyFoodHunt blog whenever I track them down. Burger Bonus!

Today’s menu on the Secret Burger Club Food Truck was featuring three of the all time classic burgers served up by the guys; “The Duke“, “The Bacon Cheese“, and “The West Coast

All three were worthy contenders for today’s eating and I was trying to conjure up some plausible scenario whereby I could get one of each. Sensibility, Budget and Room in Belly won the day though and I opted for the next best thing by ordering a Double West Coast with Cheese Fries, and also the Duke burger. The only food being shared was the fries but the joy was going to be shared equally around the table.


Hello old friend it has been so long since we last met! I sat looking lovingly upon a beautiful vista of the West Coast Burger from Secret Burger Club and a tray of cheese fries. I pondered briefly before diving in to devour this offering. I had to hold back and try and restrain myself from scoffing it down in four or five bites.

The first bite was as good as the first bite that I had ever taken of a burger from Secret Burger back in 2017. I always forget just how good the West Coast Burger combination is, the first time I had one it reminded me of the burgers from In and Out Burger on the Californian West Coast of America and that was even before these guys came up with their take on the In-and-Out classic Animal Style Burger

The last time I wrote about this particular burger on The Nottingham Food Blog I was drawn to say:

“… another burger that as you eat it, time kind of stops for a moment and all you can remember is that perfect moment on the tongue as your taste buds take a hop, skip and a jump on to the bus to flavour town.”


While the West Coast Burger is a great burger, the Double West Coast Burger is even better!

Two dry aged chuck beef burger patties smashed onto the hot plate and grilled until lightly charred are just perfection. They are juicy and melt in your mouth as you chomp through the burger sandwich

Marry into that the simple sounding yet awesome toppings of American cheese, secret sauce, lettuce, pickles and onions and you will find yourself inside some sort of burger Nirvana as you eat.


The Duke Burger was my first love at Secret Burger Club, we first met one cold dark evening at Nottingham’s Street food club and it was love at first bite. If there was ever a romcom about a boy and a burger you could call it a ‘meat-cute’

The Duke burger is a beef patty topped with Smoked Bacon, Stilton, Posh Onion Jam, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo. Now you may worry that the Stilton cheese and that Onion jam may get in each others way while clambering to the top of the burger stack vying for your attention.

Rest your fears they are the best of friends in this burger sandwich and fall over themselves to make every ingredient welcome.

This is a truly great burger and one of my all time favourites. I have eaten more than I can count but not yet enough in this lifetime


The beer was really good as well and this pint of Steeplechase a Pale Ale from Round Corner Brewery poured from a tap on their customized land rover was very refreshing and was a perfect foil for my burger

I know that I will be wanting to come back to see Secret Burger but I really also want to come back and spend a while working my way through all the other beers that Round Corner Brewery have to offer in their taproom.

To track down Secret Burger Club you can have a look on their socials to see where they may be parking up next. Check them out on their Facebook page, their Twitter Feed, and their Instagram Profile.

This time they were at Round Corner’s Taproom & Brewery which is a jolly nice place to go to anyway. I only tried one of the beers that they had on offer but that taste was enough to have me making plans for a return visit to sample a whole load more!

Round Corner Brewery is located at Melton Mowbray Market, on Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1JY. The gate to gain entry is located on the other side of the road from the Aldi (if that helps)

You can see what is going on at the brewery on their website and also check out their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram profiles for upcoming events

The good news is that Secret Burger will be flipping their amazing burgers every Saturday from now on!! I am in are you?

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