Secret Burger Club at The Blue Bell in Rothley

Secret Burger Club have become a regular fixture in the car park of the Blue Bell Inn in Rothley recently. This weekend they were here on the Sunday afternoon smashing burgers on the grill in their food truck and we took up the chance to pop over to grab one of the best burgers available.


This weekend’s special was the Franko, a burger not seen that often on the Secret Burger Club specials board, and one that I had only eaten once before at Nottingham Street Food Club a year or so back.

The menu board describes it as “Double Beef Patty, Melted Cheddar Cheese, House Marinara Sauce, Crispy Pepperoni Slices, Garlic Mayo, Fresh Chilli, and Fresh Parmesan Cheese

I describe it as ‘Styled on the flavours of a pizza‘ and as an experience it is ‘a delightfully messy burger to eat’


I challenge you to take a look at a Close up of this burger without drooling or swooning. It’s one messy beast of a burger to eat, once I picked it up and took a couple of big bites, I found I had marinara sauce and garlic mayo on my face, my fingers, and somehow smeared along my wrist!

Like all Secret Burger combinations the Franko is really well balanced flavour wise, no ingredient over powers any other so you get a perfect mouthful with every bite. A most joyous experience!

The marinara sauce is banging, absolutely fantastic, sweet and gentle (I would love the recipe). Even the garlic and the chilli played nicely beneath the bun, no danger if you were snogging someone after this burger, and no danger of heart burn from the spice. It was all quite safe and everyone was getting along just fine in between those buns.

I loved the crispy pepperoni slices, nice big discs just like you get on a pizza, loved the melted cheese, and the creamy Parmesan mixed into the sauces was a delight.

As always the star of the show were the well seasoned, juicy double smashed burger patties. many have tried to replicate the Secret Burger Smashed Burger in and around Nottingham, but I have yet to find anyone close to a match quality and flavour wise.

Was I glad we tracked the guys down for this burger? Hell yeh!


Of course you do not have to fork out the 10 quid for the Daily Special, and if you choose any one of the Classic Secret Burger combinations from their regular menu you will not be disappointed. At worst you may leave tinged with a little sadness that you were not able to eat one of each but you will leave with the lovely knowledge that you have something to look forward to on your next visit to the Secret Burger Truck. Trust me you will be back!


My favourite from the Classic Menu has to be THE DUKE, a ‘Dry Aged Chuck Steak Burger‘ patty smashed on the grill and topped with ‘Smoked Streaky Bacon, Stilton Cheese, Onion Jam, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo‘ served up in a seeded Brioche Bun

If you are worried about the combinations of bacon jam and stilton, fear not! Four years ago I wrote “The posh onion jam and the melted stilton were genius in their use,  neither overpowered the sandwich, yet both shined out like stars on the burger parade” and that is as true today as it was back then.

This was the first one of their burgers that I ever ate, one that I have eaten many times since, and the first one I would implore you to try. If you want to check out that first glorious meeting read more here on The Nottingham Food Blog

Even pictured here on the dashboard of the car it is a thing of true beauty and is like entering nirvana taste wise as you eat it, it’s practically illegal but there is no law that will stand in your way in the burger court if you choose to eat one 🙂

Anyways enough already, whether you choose the Daily Special or Choose any of the Classic burgers from Secret Burger Club you will be onto a winner and your stomach and taste buds will thank you forever and your mind will be blown. Be warned though once you go Secret Burger Club you will never be able to enjoy another burger without your mind wandering back to that glorious moment you took that first bite!

These burgers were being served at the Blue Bell Inn in Rothley, other places you may find the guys at the moment are at ATIspace in Nottingham, and outside Albies in Carlton. I usually track them down somewhere in Notts but have been known to travel as far as Melton Mowbray were they were found at the Round Corner Taproom (read more here)

Wherever they are you can check out their plans on their Instagram profile, and their Facebook page

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