Secret Burger Club at Bustler Market

It is no secret that I totally love the burgers from Secret Burger Club having devoured the whole menu several times when they featured at Nottingham Street Food Club over the years.

In lockdown(ish) last year we even travelled to seek them down in Melton Mowbray (read more here) and in Rothley at the Blue Bell (read more here) we were that desperate for a taste of their burgers.

Today it was a bit easier as it’s almost normal dining out and we had seen that they were at Bustler Market in Derby. It’s pretty easy to drive over here from Nottingham so we took a chance and headed over to track them down


The Duke Burger is one of the Secret Burger Classics and one of their most delicious burgers.

Officially described on the menu as a Dry Aged Chuck Steak burger served in a seeded brioche bun topped with ‘Smoked Streaky Bacon, Stilton Cheese, Onion Jam, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo

I first ate one back in December 2017 at Nottingham Street Food Club where it was in fact the first burger that I ever ate from these guys.

The words I wrote then are as applicable today as they were back then;

The patty itself is well cooked, juicy and moist, lightly charred on the flat top and just the right size to fit inside that glazed sesame bun. I was totally delighted with my strips of Smoked crispy streaky bacon, it was the perfect crunch to the bite and the lightly cured, slightly salty, and super smoky taste added something a little special to the burger munching party in my mouth.”

The ‘posh onion jam and the melted stilton were genius in their use,  neither overpowered the sandwich, yet both shined out like stars on the burger parade. There is something so wonderful about molten stilton on a burger, it is so much richer and almost creamier than less powerfully flavoured cheese. It was a great bedfellow for that Posh Onion Jam that was slightly sweet (in  good way)


I also commented back then that “My only sadness was that the chowing did not last long enough, it was all over too quickly as I gobbled my way through the burger in a few short minutes.”

Now today I was fixing that by ordering a Double patty version of the burger! You might think that the extra meatiness would dilute the experience by overtaking all the other flavours, but it does not, in all actuality it somehow enhances the experience.

The meat patties today were perfectly charred and crisped on the flat top, I think it helped a little bit that we were the first on the grill and that they were relatively quiet as that means that they did not rush the process and we had time enough on our hands to wait for perfection.

I had ‘almost’ forgotten how good the Duke Burger was and feel almost ashamed to have taken it’s glory for granted in the past when it was a regular staple and easily available to chow.

It is truly a classic and a reminder of just how good the food from Secret Burger Club is, It is not just the skill and passion of the chef on the truck but also the quality of the ingredients that they use.


You can choose any one of the Classic Secret Burger combinations from the menu and I can say with much conviction that you will not be disappointed.

I often am tempted to have more than one burger and get a little sad that I really cannot manage more than a double at best, but I console myself with the thought that I have something to look forward to on my next visit to the Secret Burger Truck

Today Secret Burger Club were at the Bustler Street Food market in Derby but you can often find them these days at the Canal House / Bom Bom Patisserie in Lougborough (on a Thursday) and at Milestone Brewery on a Friday

But to see where they are each week I suggest following them on their Instagram profile, and their Facebook page as that usually gives the most up to date info

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