The Burnham Tea Room and Cafe

The Burnhams Tea Room and Cafe in Burnham Market is a tiny little place situated in the main square area tucked away alongside a cluster of quaint eateries, tea rooms, and other assorted ‘posh shops’.

There were plenty of people milling around trying to get a table and so that was enough to make us curious as to what they had on offer so we crossed the road to take a look

The Chalkboard outside talked about Coffee and Cake which was probably all that we really needed but when I saw the words ‘Welsh Rarebit’ at the bottom I was sold.

The fact that it was the only place with a table at that moment was just fortuitous and fate. The whole area is very popular and with the reduced space due to Covid in this time so cafe sitting real estate was a premium

We were in quick as you like, ready and willing to devour cakes and toasted cheese based offerings


I had the Welsh Rarebit which was offered as one slice for £2.80 or two slices for £5.30, obviously I had two slices! The menu said that it was ‘made fresh on the premises’ which seemed a bit strange as I would have found it hard not to make it fresh each time. Perhaps there are establishments getting it shipped in, actually that would not surprise me at all

Anyway I digressed a bit then as if often my want, lets get back to the food. First off have to say that it was really very good, I know that often it is billed as posh cheese on toast, but when it is made properly as they have done here then it is really quite something special.

I really liked that they had bubbled the cheese topping under the grill so that it just started to catch and crisp a little, I do love that slightly chewy and crispiness to get when cooked that way.

It came with a simple side salad of lettuce and tomato drizzled with a little dressing, and a pot of some sort of onion jam that seemed to have a really familiar taste and turned out to be Branston Pickle 🙂


I did share a half slice of my Welsh Rarebit with the Mother and my reward or trade perhaps was a bite of the Coffee and Walnut sponge that she had chosen.

The menu said that ‘all our cakes are home baked on the premised’ and I have to say that it was jolly nice and I am not always a keen cake scoffer.

The standard offerings were ‘Coffee and Walnut’, ‘Lemon’, and ‘Vanilla (Victoria Sponge)’ all offered up at £2.50 a slice. I did spy that they had other cakes available on the counter alongside scones and tea cakes. They did all look rather nice!

The place did seem to have a decent selection of wines so I imagined that in the evenings or maybe just mid afternoon the locals and visitors might treat this as a mini wine bar or bistro. Well if not I like to think that was the case, and if not maybe it should be:-)

I thought that this was a really nice spot to get a snack and if I am back down this way again I most certainly will be thinking of popping in again. I enjoyed my Welsh Rarebit, bite of cake and my twice yearly Latte

The Burnhams Tearoom and Cafe is located at the Market Place, Burnham Market PE31 8HF it is pretty easy to spot, you can also check them out on their Facebook Page

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