The Crab Hut at Brancaster Staithe

No trip to this part of the Norfolk Coast would be complete without a visit to The Crab Hut at Brancaster Staithe! Located at the Harbour in the car park, it was exactly what the name suggested a Hut serving Crab.

Raised up on stilts with a set of steps to reach the counter it seemed quite basic to look at but once you saw the fresh food on the counter and read the menu you knew it was going to be good.


Price wise it all seemed very reasonable, I already knew I was going to have a Crab sandwich of some sort and the 8 inch sub roll with Crab seemed ridiculously good value for £4.50

I had quite fancied the Crayfish Special which was sub filled with a mix of crayfish, mango, spring onion & chilli. It sounded quite exotic alongside the other seafood item and something I would have expected to see in the M&S posh sandwich counter as opposed to here at the Crab Hut 🙂


The Crab sub was pretty huge, much bigger than I expected even though it did say it was an eight inch roll so not sure why I was surprised! I think I was most impressed with just how much crab meat there was inside the roll, almost too much (again not complaining).

I do like a crab sandwich and this was one of the better ones that I have had for a while. You could really taste the flavours and even though it was a bit rich I still loved and savoured every mouthful

It was well worth the detour on our last day to check the place out as I would have been sad if I have missed out on eating this sandwich.


The Tuna Mayo sub was equally packed out with filling and it was deemed to be really tasty and quite big! It was a bit of a mess to eat but sometimes that is half the fun. Coming away from a bite with mayo smeared on your cheeks just shows how much you are enjoying your food 🙂


I could not resist a cheeky close up of the dressed crabs while I was waiting for my Crab sandwich to be made. They seemed very popular and I saw quite a few people just turning up for a whole crab.

I expect that if you live locally and you can get excellent quality produce as fresh as this, it would be crab all the way, at least once a week, and why not indeed!

You can park at the harbour, when the tide is out anyway, but we parked up in the layby where the signs alerting us to the Crab Hut were. There was little on street parking in the village and most of the main street was coned off, most probably to stop casual parkers from blocking the main road through the village.

There was also an old AA box in the layby, a nice bit of motoring nostalgia and one for the nerds. It is one of only 21 or so left in situ and is apparently the oldest one left in East Anglia dating back to the 1950’s. It is a listed building now and looks pretty cool.

The Crab Hut is located at Harbour Way in Brancaster Staithe just off the A149 between Hunstanton and Well Next the Sea.

It is also on the Norfolk Coast Path which runs through the Staithe

You can check them out on their website, and on their Instagram profile

There were a couple of other seafood spots in the vicinity as well The Fish Shed and the Staithe Smokehouse if you were wanting to make a day of it scoffing fishy snacks!

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