Bustler Market: Street Food action in Derby

Bustler Market in Derby is a Street Food market space hosting a rotating set of vendors. We checked it out over the weekend while we were in town doing the Ram Trail.

It is a pretty huge space located over at The Chocolate factory on John Street just off Siddals Rd. It was a bit tricky to find in the middle of a load of industrial units but it was so popular that we just followed the crowd and tracked it down.

Despite restrictions I was surprised how many people were here and could only imagine how many people are here under more normal circumstances. With ‘Freedom Day’ just on the horizon we might not have to wait too much longer to find out.

This weekends traders were Patty Freaks, The Cartel Kebab House, Project Donuts, and Tikk’s Thai Kitchen (who we met in York -> read more here)

Patty Freaks were serving up a whole load of Burger action. They apparently won the British St Food awards in 2018 for the Best Burger so it seemed rude not to test one out to see if they were any good or not #anyexcuseforaburger 🙂


I ordered the Freakin Classic with Cajun Fries, officially described on the menu as “Beef Patty, cheese, bacon, burger sauce, lettuce, pickled onion, ketchup, brioche bun served with cajun fries

It looked good in the box, smaller that I expected but the seeded brioche bun was packed with filling and there were a lot of fries in the tray.

The burger was decent, I did enjoy all the mixture of flavors from the burger sauce and ketchup they certainly were quite classic. I liked the sharp pickles and the crunch of the salad. I always love a bit of bacon and the one in this bun did not disappoint

The burger patty was fairly thick , well seasoned and draped with a lovely coat of melted cheese. I have kind of got into the thin smash burgers over the last few years so it was nice to try a more traditional burger style again.


Cartel Grill House are one of the resident traders at Bustler specializing in ‘Handcrafted Middle Eastern Seared Meats’ .

It seemed a good plan then to check them out as if they are always there you know what the default Bustler offering is like. The food also sounded a bit healthier than the burger option that I had gone for 🙂


We had the Notorious Bowl which was described as- “Lebanese chicken shawarma on Za’atar skin on fries, served with Middle Eastern slaw, pickled pepper, parsley, lemon tahini, yoghurt and pomegranate molasses” for £10.50

I suppose that it was basically posh loaded fries, but if you look past that it was actually rather decent bowl of food. I liked the flavor combination and you got a lot of chicken on top of your chips.

The lemon tahini yoghurt was my favorite bit of the flavour alongside that chicken. if you forget that there were a whole load of chips in that bowl you could consider that it felt almost healthy 🙂


For pudding Project D were here selling their excellent fancy donuts. They had a lots of boxes filled with all sorts but the ones I really like are the ones that have lemon curd on them. So whatever any donut seller has I always get that one


This bad boy was just the thing to finish off our meal. It was their Lemon special with lemon curd and ginger biscuits. It was not too ‘gingery’ and the biscuit gave a nice crunch to the donut. The Lemon curd was everything that I wanted and more.

You can order the donuts online from Project D and you can also track them down at various locations. It is probably best to check their socials to find out where and when. I find their instagram profile to be a good bet

Bustler Market is located at The Chocolate Factory, John St, Derby, DE1 2QD (at least that was what the website said). Google maps took us there anyway and as I said up top we just followed the crowds and sound of the music.

You can check them out on their website and also through the usual socials, their Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Twitter Feed.

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