Jo Jo’s Kitchen in Padstow

Jo Jo’s Kitchen in Padstow is a great place to pick up a sandwich, cake or snack for breakfast, lunch or brunch.

They seem a very happy and friendly bunch when we passed by and that made us all the more keen to stop off here for a bite to eat


We came here to pick up a Breakfast Bap before catching the Ferry over to Rock, they were cooking them to order which is always good.

The options on the black board were straightforward with combinations of sausage, egg, and bacon, nice and simple just as I like.

Obviously I could not decide, so I had the works which as you can guess was all three for £4.


The Works as promised was a cob filled with bacon, sausage and a fried egg, what more could be said. Well despite having carried it over to Rock on the ferry it was still intact and warm as I sat on the beach to scoff it.

I liked that the white bread roll was soft, fresh, and nice and fluffy, also that it was packed full of brekkie stuff. The bacon was well cooked with a bit of crispiness in places, a little salty and a little bit smoked.

The sausages sliced in half were reasonably meaty and the added bonus was that my fried egg still had a bit of runny yellow yolk left in it.


The bacon in the bacon bap was just as good and was plentiful with a few decent meaty rashers tucked away inside that soft white bap. I was happier with the works, but not everyone is as greedy when it comes to cob selection 🙂


Back inside the shop the counter is laden with a whole host of freshly made baked goods. These sort of millionaire slices with crunchy bits looked the business. The sort of cake that you know is going to be bad for your waistline but oh so worth it!


JoJo’s ‘Famous homemade scotch eggs’ looked really good as well. I was a little sad that we never made it back to try one as I do love a scotch egg and I was really curious as they looked so rustic and different to the boring old supermarket ones. Something to look forwards to on another visit maybe


The specials board outside JoJo’s kitchen was just littered with even more missed opportunities. I love a meatball and on this day they offering a portion of homemade meatballs for £5.25. I should have gone back for some of those.

They also had a locally landed crab sandwich for £9. I always think that I really love crab but each time I have one I wonder why as it is so rich. It is probably because living inland fresh seafood like that is a treat. I did chuckle when it said freshly landed and hope that it was not from one of the kids on the harbourside fishing for crabs with their buckets 🙂

JoJo’s Kitchen is located at 14 Duke Street in Padstow PL28 8AB. It is nice and bright and easy to spot as you walk along the road. You can go in to get served or poke your head through the window to see what is up

Check them out on their Facebook Page for updated info and what they have been baking. They do have an instagram profile as well but when I looked it had not been updated in a while

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